!Transgender Rights!


I believe he is adopting an accusation leveled at him by us.


no a somber face, due to the leftist agenda and how it wrecks people’s lives and drives them to so much suicide

science has no agenda, but so called “scientists” do


I’m a scientist and I carry out fascinating processes every day. I’ve never once injected bias into my work. Do you think this is a common occurrence?


i am also a scientist and i struggle daily to avoid injecting bias into my work as i know it is a natural tendency and limits free flow of ideas.

of course this is not political bias, because that doesn’t apply in my work.

but it does in the “science” of gender

and yes i believe it is a common occurrence


Except for the fact that it doesn’t.


what kind of science do you do?


yet we have doctors telling little boys they can become girls, and girls boys

and actually administer “treatments” to this end


electrical/nuclear research


Because that is possible.


because that is utter nonsense and damaging to the child who would likely overcome this confusion as they grew up


When you make ignorant, blatantly political statements like this about scientists, I find it hard to believe you are one yourself.


thats because as a personal attack leftist you make everything personal

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They used to say that about people who are left handed.


This was always gonna be the next thing, now that bashing the gays has totally blown up in their faces like it was always going to.


Dems getting rid of the little girls room… All men’s rooms now. lol!



never became a leftist cause


Yes I know treating people with kindness and decency is very much a leftist cause.


no one said anything about being cruel.

people who declare they are the opposite sex than they really are need psychological help.

altering reality and culture to conform to what they think does no one any good. this is why their suicide rate is so high. not because of bullying.


How are you injecting bias?


More ignorant, belief base drivel.

Seriously, you should either read up on the topic or shut up.

I’m done listening to your arrogant, uninformed, ■■■■■■■■.

I hope you don’t teach your children this ■■■■. The country has enough prejudice against transgenders. Please keep your mouth shut around kids. Let them learn the truth about their brothers and sisters.