Transgender regret, how many more stories are there like this?

Unfortunately today in America much of politics is about nothing more than ideology and power. As far as I’m concerned this Transgender movement is one of the issues that personify this! Obviously we here have had a number of debates on this so when I read this I became curious of how prevalent this is?

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She’s likely being told to kill herself by angry transgender people right this minute.


Likely exceedingly rare.

Being transgender is only politics because conservatives seek to demonize them. Nobody outside of that girls family, made her transition.

Transgenderism aside, parents make medical decisions all of the time that may not result in “fixing” an issue. Not sure why transgenderism is unique in that regard.

Actually…all the time. Perverts warps their young mind for their own self gratification…not the child. Most children want to please adults/parents/older friends.

So don’t BS us that it’s rare.


Stories were transitioned teen regrets decision, happen all of the time? :rofl:

In this story, your position is that the teen transition due to their perverted parents own self gratification?

It’s a fact…get over it. Continue to lie/deny about it doesn’t help your case.

Oh it’s a fact now?

Care to bring any data to the table?

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Google it. Not wasting my time do you only deny

I did. Could not find any data that showed the number of transitioned teens and the number of them who regretted it.

I found the Fox News article and another from a conservative blog.

Link me to your data

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Her psychotic enablers ensured that she’ll never make a full mental recovery. Scarred in so many ways for no reason of benefit to the child.


“Tom Boys” have always existed, and grew out of it. Only now does it require mutilation and dangerous drugs.


Doesn’t require anything…

This kids parents made a decision…. Like all parent do for their kids. This may have been the wrong decision for her but that does not mean it’s the wrong decision for every teen.

And likely previously groomed online into doing it by the very same people.


A cult of mental nutcases. What could go wrong? :person_shrugging:


It’s an epidemic at this point.


If a boy wants to live his life as a girl, I have no problem with it, but kids should not be making permanent medical decisions that will affect the rest of their lives. We don’t trust kids to make smart decisions about cigarettes and alcohol, but we trust them on this?


I am just waiting for a return of dancing sickness now.

How do we know she isn’t being groomed by conservatives to change her mind? Isn’t that just as perverted?

She is, after all, still a child.


Trans is a mental illness, period.


Maybe someone can find a vaccine. :thinking:

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