Transgender Grooming Machine

Is anyone SERIOUSLY believing this? Social media grooming?!

So it’s social media that grooms the young into believing they’re outsiders as the sex they were born? Seems some of the same individuals see gay recruitment here as well.

How about those who are drawn to members of racial and ethnic groups not theirs? Is that social media recruiting, too?

While I don’t believe surgery & hormone therapy make someone the sex they believe themselves—they’re non-binary IMO, not what they were born, not how the sex they believe they are—this business of social media as a recruitment tool is ridiculous.

I’m not believing it. More gay panic conspiracy theories.
The reason there are more GLBT youth is because of acceptance leading to people being less likely to stay in the closet.


This has been the model from time immemorial when it comes to reactionaries and LGBTQ.

“They are going to recruit and corrupt your innocent sons and daughters” is a tremendously powerful psychological weapon.

All I know about Snapchat founders is that they come from wealth and status in Ca. The main founder was in the creme of the crop so-Cal, celebrity circuit.

The push may be just the usual leftist, drug addled anything goes mentality.

Here is another point of view, placing the blame on anti-religion people.

Why Transgenderism Is Being Forced Upon America and Our Children

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thats not why

it’s because of the promotion, at first, then glorification, now outright celebration of these mentally ill people’s choices and lifestyles in the hell’s ■■■■ sewer media

good post

count yourself among the aware. the agonizing aware.

Yes, those above do help with greater acceptance of GLBT people. The rest of your post was utter garbage and you should be ashamed of yourself for posting it.

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you may disagree but youre not qualified to judge anyone here

i am quite serious. there is nothing to be ashamed of

people who glorify these poor people dealing with these mental illnesses are the ones who should be ashamed

i am quite certain of that

Let’s Just 60 years ago at a slight change to your statement

“Why Interracial Marriage Is Being Forced Upon America and Our Children”

See how that’s problematic?


Being Gay/Trans is a mental illness?

Also, even if it were a mental illness, why shouldn’t mental illness awareness be celebrated? We celebrate breast cancer awareness, for example.

people who are afflicted with gender disorders prob are

this is nonsense. they’re not “celebrating awareness” they are celebrating the illness itself

and we dont “celebrate” awareness of breast cancer. we raise it

All the reactionary tropes are present today.

It’s almost as if this could be predicted…

Well unlike yours, my opinion aligns with the mental health profession. I don’t know about you, but I like being on the side that wants to help these people instead of hurt them.

Which opinion is that? An official group, of the “mental health profession?”…that has one mind that all agree?? Monolithic psycho squad? Powermad crazies.

That is neither, medicine, psychiatry or psychology and no one believes sad lies.

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i want to help them too. by treating the mental illness instead of castration, mutilation and endorsement and normalization of it

not to mention appointment to governmental positions

Breast cancer awareness month is October. It seems to take place year round.

Purp is right. It’s celebrated.

While neither cancer nor mental illness should be celebrated, maybe those with gender dysphoria shouldn’t be made to hide in the closet, either.

Am somehow not seeing Be A Trans as a message on any social media. Maybe those who always fit the description are comfortable enough to come out, though.

“purp” is not right

“purp” switched the argument to awareness because “purp” knows they do celebrate being mixed up and confused in gender

which would be no different than “celebrating” breast cancer

no ones proposing they hide but that they get proper treatment vs being made celebrities.

SnapChat is a grooming machine for bad behavior all around, full of enablers.

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When I was the thread title, I thought it was going to be a discussion about products such as those discussed here:

The WHO, the APA, the CIHR, the United Kingdom’s NHS…

Powermad? Please don’t hurt trans people over a conspiracy theory.