"Transform" America

Who is John Galt?

bridges that don’t fall over for one.

And I’m on board with that.

What else you got?

Of course.

And I want you to pay for me to never have to work.

And I want you to kill your pets and farm animals and boil your children down so I can renew my life energy with their essences.

What else could I want but that?


Sure you’re afraid.

Otherwise you wouldn’t worry about having a peek.

Seems to me you want lot of things.


Just sheer dominance over you while you are reduced to a quivering mass of jelly.


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That 3,500,000,000,000 bill is a good start.

That will be transformative.

That is guaranteed.



China can do it without any help from Jbiden and Squad.

It’s curiosity Jay, not fear. Why can’t you answer a couple of simple questions about your future for me?

Into what?

  • fast, reliable, affordable broadband networks for our citizens
  • reliable power grids
  • improved rail and airport infrastructure

Better is liberal politicians and their families and friends and their organizations and people in professions they like becoming immensely wealthy, living in multimillion dollar mansions, in gated communities with lots of cops! While the rest of us pee-ons live in overcrowded crime infested ■■■■■■■■ with drugs, prostitution, gangs, ■■■■ schools and no cops, but there will be social workers. It’s called utopia!


All good stuff, although I’m not sure why I need to pay for your broadband.

How does that “transform” America and into what?

Well make sure you do it in person.

who said you’re paying for anyone’s broadband? making it fast, reliable and affordable is good for the country. the pandemic has shown how important internet is…

I should have included that also in my post.

Do you know anybody that doesn’t have it? I don’t.

Jbiden certainly isn’t going to pay for it.

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