Trans win in SCOTUS

Trans victory in SCOTUS as they turn down appeal.

Thank to SCOTUS for a little common sense by turning down the appeal.

Only alito and Thomas wanted to take the case.

The other 7 passed.


This isn’t turning out as the righties planned, is it?

It isn’t turning out the way lefties planned either. They told us Kavanaugh, Gorsuch, and Coney Barrett would basically be the downfall of liberal society. Considering how badly those predictions have gone down in flames, they’ll need new talking points the next time a Republican president nominates a SC justice.


Alito for one is not a happy camper.

Thought once the cons took over SCOTUS.

He’d be in the majority a lot.

Hasn’t turned out that way.



Does this mean all boys can go into the girls bathroom now, or just Gavin?

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Gavin identifies as male. He wanted to use the Men’s restroom.

But if a student identifies as female, they can use the Female restroom. Or vice versa.

Who decides if a person identifies or not? I see a lot of issues stemming from this in the future. Especially if this becomes national

I would imagine it’s a case by case basis as everyone’s situation is unique. Who decides? I’m not sure. I would assume each individual school administration has to monitor and administer guidance as needed.

School doesn’t bother me as much airports and public places like that. Policies shouldn’t have me worry about my daughters safety out of the name of being politically correct for one person. Kudos to Gavin but this may have opened Pandora’s box. I’m gonna make my daughter go to the men’s room with me till she’s 12 because I don’t trust where our policies are going if this continues.


Well when you don’t know how anything works, of course to you anything is possible.

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That’s up to you and whatever you think is best for your daughter.

Question though. What makes bathrooms any more dangerous than they are now given this SCOTUS ruling?

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You have a narrow vision of this will all play out, if this goes outside of school and into the public realm you are just begging for sex trafficking.

Coyotes don’t care! They will dress up as women to steal little girls. It’s happened already, I can post sources. Sex trafficking is a real issue. Darned right! I’ll do what’s best for my daughter! Letting her not Get kidnapped is top on my list.


So then this SCOTUS ruling will not make bathrooms any less dangerous than they currently are.

Nice slippery slope argument there.


There are a lot places where men still aren’t allowed in women’s bathrooms. This could change everything. Cool awesome! Let’s support legislation that emboldens sex trafficking awesome!

Reality is not a slippery slope. Sex trafficking will go through the roof if this is nation wide.

This was a ruling about schools, not airports or other public places.

Maybe you missed my post where I said schools don’t bother me.