Trans Cyclists Finish 1st and 2nd, Kiss on Podium Next to 3rd Place Mom Holding Her Baby 😠

It’s a private bike race.

It’s a different situation than what was going on with the NCAA Women’s Swimming.

Being a totally private event it’s their rules. Everyone who participated would have known and agreed to it.

It’s precisely what they did.

that doesnt exempt it from criticism or make it any less of an example of the sickness of promoting and normalizing mental illness

Trans people shouldn’t be able to exist in society

Just say it.

It can be criticized. In fact there’s a lot of the movement I criticize frequently.

But they exist. They’re citizens. They’re human beings. No one has to accept them if they don’t want to. But they must be tolerated and must be afforded the same rights as any other citizen.

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no they should be treated not normalized and glorified by the left

tolerance is never enough for the dangerous maniac left

if it were we wouldnt have rainbow flags everywhere all month

This is where your argument runs off the rails.

No one is trying to force you to personally “support” transgender individuals. That’s not even what you’re upset about.

You are upset because other people do support them.



why should people’s personal preferences in sexual partners be “supported” by businesses, organizations, governments…?

plastering rainbows everywhere isn’t just support it is celebration

Why not?

“why not” is not an adequate answer to everything that people decide to do

can you answer my question?

Of course it is. That’s what “freedom” means. If you want to stop someone from doing something, that’s when you need a justification.

I just did.

no you didnt

you just said “why not”

give you one more chance


So not be able to participate in society.

Just say it.

ok so no answer besides “because they can”

That’s precisely what you’re upset about.

You even admitted it.

“They shouldn’t be normalized”, you said.

That means you believe everyone should think of trans people the same way you do…as abnormal in need of treatment.

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you just gonna keep trying to jam words in my mouth?

They should be viewed as abnormal. As lesser.

That is the wish.

The first amendment applies. Freedom of expression.

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