Trans Cyclists Finish 1st and 2nd, Kiss on Podium Next to 3rd Place Mom Holding Her Baby 😠

On Thursday, at London’s ThundCrit cycling event, two biological males identifying as women took first and second place and then celebrated their “achievement” by kissing on the podium as the third-place winner, an actual female, held her baby.

Mother with baby cast aside as society declares the best women are in fact two kissing biological males. You can’t make this up, folks. This is what the woke leftist movement is all about. Destroy the family, destroy mothers, destroy women. Biological men steal the role of women.

This should be a joke, but it isn’t. This is what gender ideology and woke are bringing. These ideologies are anti-woman who are now in serious danger due to their agendas.





The only way to stop this is to let them compete by themselves. It’s a sacrifice, but that would put an end to it. Eventually.


Trans gender citizens have the right to compete in sports, but it should be with their biological gender.

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You didn’t actually think I meant differently just because I didn’t specify women, did you?

It’s a woke, joke that isn’t funny to the women being screwed by the left.

The left are Dems, the original KKK and racists but now…they’re different.

The left is in support of BLM cuz black lives matter…unless they didn’t die involving a police officer cuz…that’s different.

The left started the “me too” movement and that they care about women…and yet they are promoting males being fake women who are allowed to directly compete with them and steal their sports…

How much damage can the left do, before those that support the left, abandon their lies and destruction of our society?

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Private bike club puts on race.

They make the decision to be inclusive.

Culture war.

Rinse repeat.


See, this is why no one can take you guys seriously on this.

You say that trans people should have their own races, and shouldn’t compete with “biological women” - and when they do exactly that - and start an explicitly trans-inclusive independant race - you guys still find a way to be “outraged” at it.

The “ThunderCrit” bicycle race was created specifically to avoid this sort of faux “support” from people attempting to hide their bigotry behind “support” for “women.”


The people who participated in the race knew what was happening.

None of them are upset.

It is so easy to get some all upset at the very idea that trans people exist.

How did they do exactly that? This was a race that had been going on for a few years before they changed the rules to allow trans competitors. So they didn’t start a new trans inclusive race, they changed the rules of an existing one.

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Private bike club.

Their playground. Their rules.

So what?

It’s a private, independent race. They get to make their own rules - and if they decide not to fear monger against trans athletes, that’s their prerogative.

I know you guys really like to frame this as supporting women athletes, but that doesn’t hold water - this is about making sure they can’t even have one race where they won’t be bothered.

Every woman, biological and trans, was fully aware of the racing categories when they signed up. There’s no reason to believe any of them disagreed with the categories.

Sure but that doesn’t mean they did what was claimed and start a new race that was inclusive of trans.

But they kissed. And there was a baby involved. What place did the baby finish?


While I don’t care because it is privately run but your that statement is incorrect.

“We took the decision last year to create a more gender neutral categorisation system that allowed trans and gender-noncomforming athletes, who often feel that there is no safe space for them in the sport, to be embraced and made to feel welcome.”

Race has been going on since 2016. I raced in it in 2017. It was created to be welcoming to the gay community.



Can’t be outraged about this one. It was a private bike race and everyone involved knew up front that trans cyclists would be competing with female cyclists this year.

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I admit that I misread the story.

But it doesn’t change anything I’ve said - all of the “outrage” over this is fake.

how dare anyone be critical huh?

just another chapter in the “everything should be anything to anyone” mentally ill left