Trade Wars Episode IV: The Tariffs Awaken

And with this, another shot in a second unwinnable Trade War was fired. And the EU is not about to take this lying down:

Apparently not content with putting the breaks on the economy by getting in a pissing match with China, or threatening to start an economic disaster by closing the border, Trump is now escalating his fight with the EU, which I’m sure the stock market will just love today. So, hold on bros cause here we go - right off the slip n slide into the deep end.

More taxes on American businesses and consumers. Sounds awesome! Good job Trump supporters!!

So trumps is making it so everyone will be paying more except the extra costs will go into government bank accounts instead of business owners…

All i the name.of conservatism, of course…


Nothing to see here. All that money people save by paying extra taxes will just go back into the economy to stimulate it.

Oh, wait - I think something’s wrong with that statement…



Indeed. And did you see the IMF downgraded the global economic outlook yet again, in part because of Trump’s trade wars? Winning!

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Yep - and he had advisors telling him in his first year that these trad wars would be harmful. They’re all conveniently gone now.

Being incompetent is one thing - running off all the advisors that were covering up the incompetence - priceless. :rofl:

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The crappy part is that the economic recession that will be coming soon will hurt many of our fellow Americans. Including those cheering it on out of ignorance.

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I think the best we can hope for now is that it is a short - lived recession. I kind of pity the next president who is going to have to clean up this mess.

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You and me both. And honestly, who is such a glutton for this kind of punishment?


Does Donnie think things through?

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Nope. The key word in your sentence being “think” which is a tactic he is incapable of employing.

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No. He reacts out of pure emotion.

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■■■■ them, they deserve it.

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And predictably, all the markets are down today.

There should be no worries.

The next President will be sure to have the full support of the TEA party who will understand the underlying causes of the recession and act accordingly.

Are they still a thing?

They’ll burrow out of hibernation when we get our next Democratic president.

The economy is a socialist progressive liberal Democrat conspiracy.

Trump is cool!

I’m holding out hope that the Tea Party patriots will soon start massive demonstrations condemning the deficit and these tariffs.


Donald Trump has spent his entire adult life metaphorically taking his shirt off and proving to his dad and other people that he’s tough (since he can’t outsmart them).

He simply adapted and worked with the tools that he has. Or doesn’t have.