Trade War.... whoops. Maybe not

So Trump brings China to trade negotiations, frees Americans in North Korea, brings North Korea to peace talks, brings Israel and Saudi Arabia as team mates on the side opposing America hating Iran, puts troops on the border to protect our country… Libs bring a stripper and her lawyer.

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You have a point but the trade war isn’t “off” at this point, it seems to be on hold but that’s no guarantee.

Stormy…not invited to funeral

Between Mueller, Stormy, and Cohen you’ve done more than your fair share of whistling past graveyards. Why not relax and let the investigation run its course. If there’s truly nothing there then there’s little reason too expend energy day after day posting about how there’s nothing there.

It would be more appropriate to invite her than Donald.

Should Trump and Stormy attend the same Town and Country event?

I love it when Clinton is brought up, in amy capacity, to deflect/defend Donald. All that 90s moralizing from the right, all that wailing about the coarsening of our culture…reduced to nothing more than “but those kids got to do it!”


I too love when the same posters who say stop living in the past in regards to Trump bring up incidents from the 90s.

the is no justification for an investigation into Russian Collusion. It is just a lib ploy to cast suspicion on the president.

Just as there was an investigation into Zimmerman’s killing of Trayvon Martin and Zimmerman was declared not guilty of murder, libs still say he was guilty. An investigation that turns up nothing will not change a thing. Lib campaign ads will still claim Russian Collusion. Dont pretend libs are just interested in the truth.

I would tell you to not let your worries about it consume you, but we both know you can’t help yourself.

Maybe the next dozen posts will finally soothe your fears.

if the number of posts and words in news articles on a particular topic is a measure of fear, then Libs are are terrified of Trump.

Do you find your fawning adoration of Donald arises organically, or is it a merely a reactive response to his critics?

Careful how you answer, this is a trick question.

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I don’t think hydrocarbons play a deciding role in my political thought.

More Winning!

Naa… Just NY Times

Exploiting uneducated people to work for peanuts? Yeah… maybe he WAS tricked by the devil.

Isn’t it funny that libs cried about Trump applying sanctions and screamed bloody murder. Then, the sanctions had the desired affect Trump wanted and maybe even too good…so he’s easing them. What do libs do? They’re still crying bloody murder. Damn…who’d a thunk it?:rofl:

If cheap labor is the all important factor, I wonder if libs would support the import of child labor. I bet they would be really cheap.

Only…if you bring them in illegally?

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