Tracking the Coronavirus

Here is an article where a biosecurity expert suggested that Australia might have a higher mortality rate than China because of Australia’s higher percentage of older people than China.



Young and not healthy might also succumb.

Apparently very few children (under 10) are being affected by the virus.

Scientists still don’t know why.

Two hours ago I posted that cases in US were at 565.

Checked now and its at 600.

May be a time lag from the site.

Cases are starting to appear throughout the US. Better testing?

I would say it is simpler than that: more testing.

Today’s update

These stats are from the ABC (Aust) site:

Australia’s state-by-state breakdown

Here are the numbers of cases that have been recorded in each state and territory as of Tuesday evening:

  • NSW: 61
  • Queensland: 18
  • Victoria: 18
  • South Australia: 7
  • Western Australia: 6
  • Tasmania: 2
  • Northern Territory: 1
  • ACT : 0

@AlexMcAlpine you might like to check this site out:

It’s numbers differ by a very few from the Johns Hopkins site. Like they’ve got 1017 for the US right now, Johns Hopkins has 1040. Will be interesting to compare them both.

It does look like China has it contained. Hasn’t increased much there in the last two days. Japan also not going up very much.

There were 565 cases in the US yesterday (identified), 1040 today due to increased testing. 29 dead - the 23 in Washington, 2 in California, 2 in Florida, 1 in New Jersey and 1 in South Dakota.

Australia has gone from 85 to 107. No new deaths reported.

Sri Lanka has gone from 1 to 2!

US up to 1700 cases.

Japan at 639.

Australia 128.

China seems to have it contained.

I believe we may be over 200 now.

From the Johns Hopkins site, today, 7:14 pm

156,106 total cases, 5,829 deaths, 73,948 recovered

Only a handful more cases in China
2726 in the US, 54 dead, 12 recovered
Australia 250, 3 dead, 23 recovered
Sri Lanka now has 10 confirmed cases.

Expanded testing.

I wouldn’t trust anything that comes out of China.

Edited, never mind.

Just two people reading and then posting from old posts.

3,774 in the US now. 69 dead.

81020 in mainland China. That’s only up by 200 over the last few days. Seems they’ve got it contained.

Australia at 297 - not going up much at all.

My remote Sri Lanka ( :grinning:) at 18

Interestingly, clicking on the Italy tab at the Johns Hopkins map page, which usually gives you deaths for the country concerned, gives me 2 deaths in Egypt. Something messed up with their site there!

3,774 in the US now. 69 dead. TODAY 4661, 86 dead

81020 in mainland China. TODAY 81058

Australia at 297 .TODAY 452

My remote Sri Lanka ( :grinning:) at 18. TODAY 29

Real data geeks can go here. This site is really cool but needs more data.

These guys are doing a great job building models that use the genome of the virus to determine where it might have come from.

It shows the issue of multiple introductions of the virus into countries and why containment measures alone (i.e. shutting the border) are not going to be effective.