Toys R Us Coming Back as Geoffrey’s Toy Box

According to a new press release sent out yesterday, Toys “R” Us and all of its subsidiary companies are being acquired by a group of investors led by an entity entitled ‘Geoffrey, LLC’.

The announcement was made after a 5-month long marketing campaign to sell Toys R Us’ assets and branding.

I wonder what that will mean for Mattel and other manufacturers.

That’s good news, but they’re not getting Geoffrey back -

Oh man one would think who ever that guy in speech was would know what ironic means. How is it irony that Geoffrey was Dr.Giraffee at one time and is now in a hosptial. Dam alanis morissette and her stupid song. Like when Steve Jobs died and some reporter said “Isn’t it ironic that I read about his death on Iphone?” NO that is exactly where someone would expect to read about his death if one reads news from Iphone that is one things it was made for.