TOTALLY CONFUSED: Cortez Urges NYC to Spend Non-Existent Amazon Money on Teachers, Subways, MORE | Sean Hannity

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez responded to fierce criticism of her handling of Amazon’s plan to scrap their plans for a new headquarters in NYC Friday; bizarrely suggesting the city spend the non-existent tax breaks on teachers, subways, and “putting people to work.”

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God has blessed me with where I live. California and New York are both failed states. It has so much to do with WHOS IN CHARGE. people voted for these unqualified women and men into office. The bartender needs to get in front of the nation and without any problem should have to recite the constitution, our original constitution not the one that the democrats make up as they govern day by day. No notes just blindly give it her best shot, and that’s not from the liquor bar. Her ignorance is baffling. She stole jobs from people who voted her in. I’d be looking for butt to mop the bar room floor with. I would love to have the chance to make 150,000$ a year. I’d fight so hard if I were working for a company and they had a chance to fill that position, she never gave any New Yorker a opportunity to apply for the job. If I lived in her district I would be ralling and looking for donations to find a lawyer to sue her, and. Have her removed from office. No way would I tolerate her representing my district any longer. She’s a failure, ignorant small minded leader for the people that got her a job making that kind of money a year without any experience in politics. She should have a least taken a crash course. This also shows our failed teaching in our school system. Graduation is not a gift for a diploma you have to work and learn, retain your ability of knowledge. First it has to be taught in public and private school system. If you can’t make the grade you repeat the grade. Cortez needs to go back to High school. Green deal is communism at best. Taking control of how people drive, eat, live, build THIER home, force THIER fantasy on people is a little nutty. Not 1 country can make the climate change. God has that job. Mother always said, what man takes away from nature, nature will take it back! Now, Mother was referring to the idiots that ruined our Everglades and Okeechobee Lake. Man created red tide. Killing our sea’s, Man damaged Mother Earth , Man is now suffering from this. God has a plan to save the climate or not. We are racing towards the destruction of our planet and it’s irreversible. So, we are in the end times and the end of the world may come in 12 years. If anyone doesn’t believe that read the book of Revelations. I’d encourage even the Jewish people to read, if for nothing but to learn. I don’t know many Jewish except my Dr. And he’s a great one. New Green Deal needs to go into the garbage disposal while we are allowed to own one. Our basic human rights are under attack by this new Democratic Party. They went so far left, if the planet was flat, they fell off. Get rid of the girl, get rid of the problem. Next time New York has opportunity to employ thousands of jobs with awesome pay, she won’t be in your way. You voted her in, it’s time to vote her out and do the rest of America a grand favor.