Totalitarian Governments

When does this mandate go into effect?

Or the legislative branch could do its freakin’ job.

I don’t know off the top of my head. I’m sure you can bing it.

I did. It’s actually unknown. They’re waiting for OSHA to do something first. Even though I am vaccinated I will opt for the weekly test. Why? Because I want someone there to allow me to enter work. As of right now there isn’t. They basically have a skeleton crew at supervision. And just about no one on the midnight shift up and down the entire 120+ mile roadway. The OT they’re going to have to pay will be magnificent.


Wouldn’t it be cool to have a president who encourages (and even compels, if not forces) the legislature to do its job?

That would be a campaign plank that the vast majority of the nation would cheer.

I wonder how much differently this pandemic would have been handled if our healthcare was controlled by the government?

They are obviously super effective at what they do, they never get tunnel vision, and they never make it political.

I mean they already built hospitals when they didn’t need them and aren’t building them when they do. Makes sense

It would, but that would take away from president power.

Trump tried it with DACA. The “other branch” stepped in. Obama tried it to.

Good thread.