Total deaths in 2020 were up...suicides DECLINED

…lending no support to the following notions that some people had:

*that the economic slowdown due to shutdowns and restrictions were leading to a spike in the suicide rate

*that those who were classified as having died of COVID were “going to die of other causes anyway”.

JAMA has done a good job tallying up the numbers…they don’t appear to say what some people want them to say.

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As I have consistently said. The true numbers will be tallied and reported a year or two after the pandemic ends.

The way I’ve heard reporting on spikes in suicide rates is that it is up in certain demographics or age groups.

Does your chart break that down??

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If you’re talking about teen suicide rates, that’s a trend that is indeed alarming…but one that started years before the pandemic.

There were many reasons to open and reduce restrictions.

That was the better approach as we have found.

FL has been the leader.

The statistics are provisional in the article and based on death certificate data.

That is the demo I’ve heard about through pandemic related reporting.

So, does your chart have an answer??

Do you have an answer??

Talk about hearing what you want to hear…

Talk about hearing what I want to hear? I’m supposed to believe total suicides declining shows that a big rise in one of the demographics was coincidentally masked by huge declines in other demographics?

As I said, sucides in total declined…and other studies show that while young people’s suicide rates have been going up in recent years, that rise began before COVID. Unless you feel these troubled kids looked into the future and knew there was a pandemic coming.

We must look to other reasons why this rise in teen suicides is happening to help them.

“Deaths with confirmed or presumed COVID-19 as the underlying cause of death.”

IOW…those who had COVID but jumped to their death from the 40th floor…died of COVID.


An assertion not borne out by the evidence.

Florida is also doing better than states just as “open” as they are…in some cases much better.

This data suggests Florida doing so well is not because of their less restrictive policies, but for some other reason (the leading candidate is their climate which allows people to be outdoors a lot more than many other states). In fact the reverse might be true…that they have been doing so well has allowed Desantis to hold his line of being less restrictive.

So you can’t use Florida as a model for how the rest of the country should have acted.

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Nope…read all the data…don’t just cherry-pick what you want to focus on.

  1. There were many more deaths in 2020 than in the five previous years.
  2. Other leading causes of death went up as well…there was no dramatic decline in causes of death for other reasons that would lead one to believe deaths for other reasons were being reclassified as death from COVID.

Both of the above were pet hypotheses of those who thought COVID was “just killing those who would have died anyway”.

This data provides no support for that assertion.

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Except that they told you how the data was compiled making it to be flawed relative to this discussion.

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It’s far past time you stop pretending you know more about how to read and analyze data, including how to deal with the assumptions, than I do.

You know you don’t. I know you don’t. We all know you don’t.

Your objection was noted…and answered.

Repeating your objection doesn’t make it more powerful.




…and happy Easter my friend.

Sure I can.

Just as you can disagree.

FL has a lot of elderly and care facilities that do not go out in the hot summer day.

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Not accurate at all.

We understand and appreciate subjective realities better.

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So you’re an expert in assuming? You know what comes with that, right?

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and this is the biggest argument for a state by state approach to the pandemic.

YOUR thread drew multiple conclusions about suicide statistics and covid and the people who talked about a link between the two. YOU can keep pointing out declines in the number of suicides, or rises among youth suicides in prior years all day long, but IT MEANS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING unless you are willing to show the data on youth suicides since the start of the pandemic, which is what most of the pandemic/suicide reporting has been about.

Do you have those statistics or not??

Are you going to post those statistics or not??

Until you do, you have done nothing here except reinforce your own ideas of what you believe you hear and the people who believe other than you.

Put up or…

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No I’m an expert in handling assumptions that come with every analysis.

Part of my job…I have to be.

The escalation in teen suicides has absolutely nothing to do with the pandemic. They have been a growing problem for years