TOTAL CHAOS: Catastrophic Venezuelan Blackout Hits Its FOURTH DAY, Water Runs Dry

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Venezuela’s starving citizens continued to cope with a crippling black-out that struck the region over the weekend; ratcheting up the pressure on Nicolas Maduro’s failing regime as food supplies and medicine runs dry.

“Furious Venezuelans lined up to buy water and fuel on Sunday as the country endured a fourth day of a nationwide blackout that has left already-scarce food rotting in shops, homes suffering for lack of water and cell phones without reception,” reports Reuters.

“Authorities have managed to provide only patchy access to power since the outage began on Thursday in what President Nicolas Maduro called an act of U.S.-backed sabotage, but critics insist it is the result of incompetence and corruption,” adds the article.

Maduro has publicly blamed his country’s failing power-grid on the United States; accusing Washington of launching a “cyber-attack” and “electrical warfare” against his crumbling regime.

“We need help! We are in a humanitarian crisis!” added one Caracas resident.

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