TORONTO TERROR? Gunman Attacks Restaurant, Leaves 2 Dead and 12 Injured

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A lone gunman opened fired on a crowded Toronto restaurant Sunday evening, killing at least two people and injuring a dozen more as Canadian authorities struggle to find a motive behind the devastating attack.

According to Fox News, Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit said the attacker “fired shots at groups of people several times” while walking along the city’s busy restaurant district; adding police haven ‘t ruled out “terrorism.”

“I’m looking at every single possible motive for this,” said Canadian police. "When you have this many people struck by gunfire, it’s a grave concern.

The 29-year old gunman was later found dead, but police haven’t confirmed if the attacker was shot and killed by authorities or took his own life.

“Saunders said it was not clear if the gunman was killed by police or if he killed himself. The SIU said the suspected gunman, a 29-year-old man, was located by police on Bowden Street and ‘an exchange of gunfire took place.’ The man fled the area and was located, deceased, on Danforth Avenue, according to the SIU,” writes Fox News.

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