Tories on target for a possible 68 seat majority

Tories are on target for a possible 68 seat majority in the December 12th election.

The mother of all mixed blessings. :smile:

I am not a fan of Trump Jr. But I am far less a fan of Corbyn and his group of crazies.

Hopefully the result will settle Brexit once and for all.

The poll results were:

650 total seats

359 Tories +42
211 Labour -51
43 SNP
13 Lib Dem
1 Green

The remainder are Northern Ireland parties and various third parties.

Not a done deal by any stretch, but a Tory majority seems priced in by most bookmakers now.

Interesting to see how events on London bridge play out, but I’m resigning myself to being ruled by another buffoon from Eton.

We British really are a servile bunch.

So I assume this means a much better chance of Brexit?

If the Tories win we will leave the EU.

If they don’t we will still probably leave.

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The Tory rebels that had the whip removed are looking to be wiped out, replaced by loyal Tories.

And most of the Labour casualties will be replaced by Tories favoring Brexit. The likelihood is that there will be an absolute majority favoring Brexit in the next Parliament.

If things get tied up in the Lords, most likely Johnson will have the Queen created a flood of new Tory Baron’s to create a majority for Brexit.

The lords won’t dedt the commons on brexit, only try and stall it.

I didn’t see too many bad things with Corbyn. Just a return to the 50s/60s.

If I was in the UK, I would be brushing up on my German for my next job.

Yeah, Brexit’s only paralyzed their government for three years, ha brought down two, going on three prime ministers from the same party and currently the most hardcore Unionists in Northern Ireland virtually control the vote. And apparently the geniuses who came up with this never concerned themselves with what a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland would do to the political situation and are currently threatening to leave the trade union and not secure their border, which was supposed to be the whole point

Funny definition of mixed blessing.

The Tories’ biggest problem is that they don’t agree amongst themselves about Brexit. And even a clown like Boris Johnson is going to have the self-awareness to wonder if he wants to go down in history as the man who restarted the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

Corbyn is a racist brexiter who supports the IRA, Hamas and Hezbollah.

He is just as bad as Johnson.

By mixed blessing, I am talking far beyond just the Brexit issue.

Corbyn is an anti-Semite and many of Labour manifesto proposals are over the ******* top. Hell, they want to ban private education and seize private school property without compensation.

However, bad Johnson is, Corbyn is a ******* lunatic.

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I agree Johnson is a clown. But the alternative is a total lunatic.

I agree, the Tories should be rewarded for four years of flailing around failing to accomplish anything on their own agenda and putting the guys who used to be part of the UVF and Orangemen in charge of the political destiny of the entire UK.

Right unlike the people who have been promising a Brexit without a border between the UK and the EU.

Gentleman, can we not agree that both Johnson and Corbyn are dangerous cretins, equally undeserving of the job and we face a bleak outlook of managed decline regardless of who wins?

The failings of one side do not justify the failings of the other side.

I am not apologizing for the Tories failings.

There are two bad alternatives and the Tories are clearly the lesser of two evils.

If Labour tones down their radical agenda next time around, perhaps they won’t be the greater of two evils.

Managed decline? The best outcome for Brexit at this point is going to be a hard crashout. Their planning right now is for the Purge y’know. Rationing food and medicine and putting down riots.

In my highly-informed, expert opinion…

This is all easily available information in British and Irish media.

Yeah, I didn’t say it isn’t. I was talking about myself, not you. You see quotation marks indicating sarcastic paraphrasing?