President Trump issued another warning to the approaching migrant caravan Thursday; telling the undocumented workers to return to their countries and apply for US citizenship like “millions of others” across the globe.

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I am suggesting a way we can avoid violence at our southern border when this (growing) caravan of migrants from Central America attempts to cross into our country illegally.

My idea is to (1) Apprehend them (2) Photograph, Fingerprint, Document their names and address of origin, (3) Schedule them for an immigration hearing (4) Issue an emergency bulletin to everyone in need of cheap unskilled labor (the Restaurant Industry, the Agricultural Industry, building services, highway construction, home nursing care, domestic servants, etc.) and solicit employers to sponsor these migrants under these conditions: (a) they pay the federal minimum wage, (b) provide basic food & housing © keep track of the migrant(s) they are sponsoring; perhaps pay a bond to ensure that the migrant will stay with them until their scheduled immigration hearing (d) they transport the migrant to and from hearings. (5) If there have been no problems, the migrant must continue in that employment for another 6 months. (6) After 6 months without problems the migrant can apply for a green card. (7) The migrants would NOT be eligible to receive any type of government financial assistance (no food stamps, no housing subsidy, nothing) or participant in any federal benefit program (such as Social Security), until they become full citizens of the U.S. (8) Any children born to the migrants during this period, would not be eligible for birthright citizenship.

We cannot allow these migrants to roam freely within the United States. We cannot detain them for long periods of time. We should not offer assylum to anyone unless they can prove political or religious persecution. We must acknowledge that we do have a need for cheap, unskilled laborers. The guest worker program isn’t working because it requires employers to pay $15 per hour. People who hire illegals want CHEAP labor. We also need to RESTRICT Birthright Citizenship to CHILDREN OF LEGAL CITIZENS. Thank you for taking my suggestions into consideration.