Top epa investigation for destroying docs

Basically a political appointee is under investigation for destroying important documents within the epa.

But it’s the dems who are corrupt…pffffftt…lol…

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If true, nail his ass to the floor.


Send that nobody to prison. Gut the EPA. Boom. Next.


You gonna admit you backed the wrong horse yet

Should have recycled them instead.



Ugh. They should all know better. Records retention sucks. The easiest way to deal with it was just to never get rid of anything. That sucks even more. :rofl:

What are you mumbling on about?

I’m sure you can figure it out

Why should he? Trump is doing a fine job…far superior to the Obama tenure.

Public opinion says otherwise.

Nope. He will be reelected and probably with a wider margin than last time.

Fringe Always Trumper fantasies are a hoot.

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Keep relying on left wing polls just like last time. :grin:

Back to “fake news” fantasy land you go. National polls were and are accurate, and he is very unpopular beyond his cult.

From the link above

A National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) investigation found those claims to be unsubstantiated

Well, well

If he’s guilty…


If they were accurate Hillary would be president. It’s a hell of a “cult”.

Ever watch the cram packed Trump rallies with that many more outside wanting in?

Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. :+1:

After three years ignorance is a poor excuse for not understanding the disconnect in national polls versus the rust belt that won Trump the election.

He is very unpopular beyond his cult.

Well that blew a massive hole through this conspiracy.

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Yeah, I see the same weirdos rolling around in their RVs following him from rally to rally across states, ■■■■■ they even put the same people behind him in T.V. shots. I never said there isn’t a fantatical group that like the kool aid, that’s actually my point…