Top Democratic Fundraiser Indicted For Racketeering: where did weaponization go?

In what looks to be a very positive development, another apparently corrupt Democratic official form New Jersey has been indicted, following in the footsteps of Democratic Senator Robert Menendez.

The only downside is that this pattern of bring Democrats to trial undermines the MAGA claim that the Biden Admin and its alleged state-level co-conspirators have “weaponized” government against Republicans.

Time to confess that the target is criminality and not conservatives or is that narrative just too comforting to concede? (Alliterative answers preferred.)

Extra credit if anyone thinks that this may be a good use of George Soros’ campaign contributions!


Who is this guy again?

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Democratic powerbroker in a Democratic stronghold state.

Influential Democrat indicted in connection with improperly receiving Camden, N.J., waterfront property rights

This is what he was charged with. Now do you really not believe that many, Many, MANY influential Democrats in this Democrat leaning state were not being cheated and are who that is behind this? If you choose to be naive and believe that the government isn’t being weaponized…you keep on being naive you. I know that when it comes to money, those who are also influential will not allow themselves to be cheated…and it’s just that simple.

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Who no one outside of NJ has ever heard of or gives a flip about. Besides, holding criminals responsible who actually committed crimes is what the justice department is supposed to do, not Trump up charges against political rivals like they do in NY and Georgia and DC…

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I guess someone forgot to tell the DOJ it was weaponized…

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So basically, regardless of the clear evidence of Democrats being targets of criminal probes, you prefer the weaponization myth.

So now the NJ Attorney General is an employee of the department of justice? Interesting.


When high level Democrats are held accountable for their crimes the myth, as you call it, will go away.

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You first have to identify what those crimes are.

Well how fortunate then that you Democrats have done that already. That’s how we know Democrats are not being held accountable for them.

Well no. What’s been identified is innuendo and supposition. Which were then used to convict these nefarious dems in your opinion.

Sacrifice for the greater good.

Just like hunter’s little court conviction is to draw attention away from more serious crimes. (10% for the big guy)

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s Crimes against Democrats? No, must be the lack of weaponization. /s

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No again. Mishandling classified documents is a bona fide crime. Possessing classified documents is a crime. Not turning over documents is a crime. Unless your name is Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden. No innuendo or supposition. It’s a fact that Hillary Clinton had classified documents on a private server she wasn’t supposed to have. It’s a fact she mishandled those documents and it’s a fact she deliberately destroyed documents that she was under congressional subpoena to produce.

It’s a fact Joe Biden had classified documents in multiple locations, that he wasn’t allowed to have, (none of them secure). It’s a fact he shared classified information with his ghostwriter and it’s a fact that the given reason he wasn’t held accountable is because the investigator claimed he would just come off as a well meaning old man with memory problems to a jury.

It’s a fact that far left people now hold power in the DOJ and they are covering up the crimes being committed by far left politicians. But that will change when Donald Trump gets back into office…

silly leftists, this is nothing but a preemptive strike on Menendez independent candidacy

When Biden is indicted for willful retention of classified documents he never had a right to, then I will stop talking about weaponization.

Good! I have a preferred answer. Congressman Banks received this on voicemail:

This was referred to the DOJ by the Capitol police for prosecution. Garland declined to prosecute. We both know that if this was done to Nancy Pelosi or Maxine Waters, the feds would be in combat gear kicking down his door at 3 A.M.