Too little domestic coverage

Thanksgiving distractions… It seems that Israel has been acting against Iranian positions in Syria

The world is moving against Iran in some not so subtle ways…

The UAE is not granting new visas to people from Iran or Iran’s allies

Not finding too many stories in the rest of the media

Don’t expect Israel to surrender to Iran because the American left wants it …

something may escalate on January 18th…

Iran knows they have friend and ally in Biden…and Biden will curb Israel aggression.

And as for those nations that made peace with Israel under Trump…it’s payback time.

Watch and see.

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If I were Mike Pompeo I would be telling our friends around the world not to be dealing with Harris Biden administration…since they will be replaced in 2024. And that we will remember who has made deals with Harris/Biden adm and make our decision accordingly.

And who will be POTUS in 2025?

Kristi Lynn Noem…

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So what happens to Nikki Haley?

That would be hilariously deranged.

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Better behave your little terrorists asses until a real wimp takes office. :rofl:

Are you happy about the troop reduction in December despite recent gains by the Tali?Genuinely curious about your perspective on that.

I think a better and more practical message would be - “You can forget everything I told you my boss might want, it doesn’t matter anymore. You’ll meet my replacement in a few weeks.”

“Taliban” is a ubiquitous word.

Are the troop withdrawals a good thing?

If we’re not mining the spoils, there’s not much point anymore.

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They said we were fighting them over there so we wouldn’t have to fight them here.

The only way things escalate between now and the 21st is if Iran and it’s surrogates decide to escalate them.

Trump isn’t going to get us into a shooting war and leave it in Biden’s hands to prosecute.

They have little if any choice, Biden will be POTUS so they have to deal with his administration.

The days of US FP remaining essentially the same no matter what part is in power are long dead, Clinton and Obama saw to that.

And you would have preferred 20 years of fighting them here instead?

Just an FYI: Israel hits sites in Syria every couple weeks. Often more frequently. Worried about that is like worrying about the sun rising.

No, I’m wondering when fighting them there became less important.