TOO FAR? Maxine Waters UNDER FIRE from LIBERALS over Anti-Trump Rhetoric | Sean Hannity

Firebrand Congresswoman Maxine Waters was under fire from fellow liberals Monday after she suddenly called for the public harassment of senior Trump aides, with top Democrats distancing themselves from the dangerous rhetoric.

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t he NSP—National Socialist Party of liberal demorats—are anti Israel anti Christ anti world peace and anti booming economy—why??? they want power more than what is good for america—THIS IS THE SADDEST DAY IN OUR HISTORY AND JFK AND MLK WOULD LEAVE THE DNC AND BECOME REPUBLICANS—they both fought against what the dems are doing. Do you think they really care about attacking republicans??? THEY WOULD IMPEACH HER IF THEY CARED.

Maxine Waters should not be trusted. Anyone that loses as bad as she has should be ignored. The answer to losing an election is to bitch, moan , cocmplain and when all else fails attack. A true leader would try to get as much done as possible to help the people that elected her. To me she is worthless

The left believes Trump is evil. They also believe themselves infallible. Therefore after branding Trump, his staff and everyone who voted for him as evil any action they take is justified. Queen Maxine is in a dead heat with Sheila Jackson Lee for dumbest member of congress. Waters doesn’t think any differently from the rest of the left in her opinions about us. She’s simply not smart enough to keep it to herself.

The only solution is to laugh her off the stage!

What differs Jews from Christians?

I am so troubled by Maxine Waters statement. She is calling for anarchy! She is calling for harm to American citizens. This sounds like hate speech, which is a crime. As a Congresswoman Maxine Waters should want to protect US citizens not call for harm and anarchy! The obvious conclusion for a mindful American Citizen such as myself, is that Congressman Waters has placed her position in jeopardy. Equally egregious, she consistently spews this type of rhetoric. Yes, she should be impeached.
Hate Speech and Hate Crime | Advocacy, Legislation & Issues › ADVOCACY › Intellectual Freedom: Issues and Resources
Under current First Amendment jurisprudence, hate speech can only be criminalized when it directly incites imminent criminal activity or consists of specific …
a state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority.
“he must ensure public order in a country threatened with anarchy”
synonyms: lawlessness, nihilism, mobocracy, revolution, insurrection, disorder, chaos, mayhem, tumult, turmoil
“conditions are dangerously ripe for anarchy”
absence of government and absolute freedom of the individual, regarded as a political ideal.

I hope Americans can see how unstable, mentally ill Maxine Waters really is. This is beyond insane, all b/c Hillary lost the election. The Democrats are becoming like the communist Democrat party. Democrats are showing their hatred for America. They want America to fail so President Trump fails. If the President fails, so does America. Americans just witnessed that with BHO, and the Democrats want to continue failing, flood our country with illegal immigrants crushing our culture, our economy, and collapsing our welfare systems. We have $21 Trillion of debt b/c of BHO policy. That’s $12 Trillion more than we had before his admin. The Democrats have proposed nothing to help Americans so they have to make sure the narrative doesn’t turn to their record. Their record & policy is dismal they can’t even recognize it or talk They do want America to fail & they hate America & it’s constitution.

Maxine Water is just voicing the hate and anger of the Liberal Agenda to silence or destroy those that do not agree with their idealistic utopia brand of Socialism. The Liberals are so quick to refer to President Trump and other hard working, tax paying American Citizens as Nazi’s. But was it not the Nazi’s that put those that did not follow to the sword? Was it not the Nazi’s the burned, looted, destroyed property and beat their fellow countrymen? I do not see our President or fellow Conservatives doing or condoning this type of behavior, but I do see the Liberals exhibiting everything the Nazi’s stood for. Maxine is just voicing the insanity the Liberal mentality.

Maxine is a political RACIST next she’ll be asking for separate drinking fountains for Trump supporters.

I think “threat” is a safer, more accurate word.Its better than “hate speech” because if that term is embraced, it won’t be long before we are slippery sliding our way to being the UK/Canada/EU, running around putting people in jail for non threatening,albeit often horrible, words. glad you put the definition in there :slight_smile:

If any harassment, intimidation, or violence ensues as result of her deranged blather, she would be in violation of 18 USC 2101 (a)1-3 and 18 USC 2102. The use of media in order to incite to violence or riot. Riot being defined in 2102 as a gathering of three or more people that poses a clear and present danger to, or results in harm or damage to, other persons or property. The question is whether Sessions or Ryan have the sack to haul in her and slap her with charges / censure?

Nice praise of liberals, Sean, for distancing themselves from Ms. Walters. I wish more conservatives would do he same to Mr. Trump. But, you know, team play usually wins out.

Maxine seems to be more about hatred than anything else. Probably the best example of why the Democrats never get anything done. Between her, Al Green, Shelia Jackson Lee, Elijah Cummings and many more, all they do is spew hatred and racism.

I contacted the Office of Congressional Ethics and submitted a complaint against Maxine Waters. What she has done and said is not only unethical, but un-American. She, as all of us do, have the right to express our unhappiness and disapproval of our government. This is what makes our Country great. She does NOT have the right to incite blatant hatred and a call for people to stalk and harass government officials in the way she did, IMO. Perhaps Mad Max has forgotten all the similar actions of the KKK against black people back in the 50’s and 60’s like I remember growing up?

I’m amused by all the mentions of communism and socialism in a thread that seems to have nothing to do with either.

Would you like a tissue?

…and the mask flipped and the left has shown their ugly fascist visage… :roll_eyes:

Sarah Huckabee Sanders being asked to leave a restaurant
DHS Secretary Chief Kirstjen Nielsen heckeld at Mexican restaurant
what to expect if leftist politicians like Maxine Waters tells them to do so?

Thats left extremism and the behaviour we can classify as FASCISM

Since Isis is defeated, Democrats are the new face of terrorism.


I say , let her babble on and on…
Maxine Waters is the poster child of leftist intolerance.
Bonus…The more she spews her empty headed rhetoric from that hole in her face, the more people gravitate toward POTUS and the GOP.
So Maxine, keep running that dinosaur yapper of yours. We appreciate the assistance