TOO FAR: Liberal Congressman Jokes About DROWNING TRUMP in the Potomac River | Sean Hannity

A longtime Democratic Representative found himself in hot-water over the weekend after he viciously joked about drowning Donald Trump in the Potomac river; prompting laughs and widespread applause from the liberal audience.

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It’s only “too far” if you say it about the thin-skinned, precious snowflake kenyan ladyboy. Anything goes with ripping trump.

Keep it up dims.

Does the Kenyan know how to swim?

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LMAO! Too funny!

There’s only one way to find out!!

If he floats, doess that mean he’s a witch? Or does he have to weigh the same as a duck?

Good! PLEASE SUE! Then the defense can subpoena all Brennan’s emails and data and reveal the Traitorous ass he is.

He will not sue.

However I am a 22 year Veteran with above Top Secret clearance(s) and If you are not in the job YOU DO NOT HAVE THE NEED FOR A CLEARANCE! ■■■■!

Dude. are you in the right thread?

There is already established terminology for this problem. If POS Obama floats in the toilet, he is a floater. Otherwise, he is a sinker

How is politics like a septic tank?

The big, gas filled chunks float to the top.