TOO FAR: Bipartisan Backlash GROWS After Ilhan Omar Posts MORE Anti-Semitic Tweets | Sean Hannity

Rep. Ilhan Omar sparked a growing backlash from Democrats and Republicans across the United States Monday; facing fierce criticism after posting another series of anti-Semitic and conspiratorial tweets on social media over the weekend.

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The Dems refusal to do anything about this only encourages this sort of behavior.

Also, LGBTQ community should demand her stance on same-sex marriage.

She needs to be removed from office!! I said it before and I’ll say it again anyone who claims to be a muslim has no business holding office anywhere in America!!! Especially when they openly violate our constitution and spew out hste.
Wheres the outrage, about this???
There wont be any because she is a DEMONrat!
God says, I will bless those who bless the Jews and curse those who curse the Jews, she and anyone else that choise to go against Israel and persecute Jews is CURSED!!!

You know what- these Democratic hypocrites knew what this woman was about when she ran for office in MN, and they did nothing- they stood by, watching her get elected, and now they want to complain?- now you want to condemn this woman, whose stance on Israel has never changed?-they deserve what they get- they are stuck with her- live with your choices- anytime this woman said"impeach the MF", and no liberal called her on it,- be quiet please

I don’t understand why Omar and Talib are not thrown out of Congress. They should never have gotten this far to serve in the Congress of the United States when it’s obvious they hate America. Why is she allowed to wear that wrap around her head. She’s not living in the middle east, she is in the United States. If a severe punishment isn’t hurled against Omar and Talib now, these infiltrators will continue to spread until they take down our Constitution. Kevin McCarthy said he’s thinks punishment is needed, and that punishment should be banishment from the Congress. If we don’t start fighting back against these socialist traitors, this country will be sunk. They both need to go. Ocasio-Cortez, Omar and Talib are a disgrace and don’t belong in the U.S. Congress.

I agree 100% with you. I’ve bee posting they be removed from Congress.

Because they’re socialists. There is no Democratic Party and we should call them out for what they are - Socialists. The Democrat Party is gone because the Socialists have creeped in and taken it over.

Her stance on the LGBT’s is going to be the same as the Mullahs otherwise she would be targetted by them herself. She is just not going to admit it publicly till she knows she won’t get hit with backlash. Wonder how many Gays in her district actually voted for a person who would put them to death?


Do we all know that Minnesota is home to Cargille, HUGE farms, Hormel,…that absorb ANY refugees
( minimum wage, welfare recipients) that our previous brown clown sheik emeritus could transport / fly into the U.S. ?
Parting out / butchering livestock is the same world over, the same with unskilled farm labor.

Would these Muslim slugs vote for anyone EXCEPT another Muslim ?
This woman is being told what and how to think. She knows ZIP of OUR America, and doesn’t give
a damn. might be of interest…Dr. Bill Warner + Muslims, also.

**** Islamism is hate based political doctrine, NOT religion.****
Ask her her views of LGBTQ people…and watch her head implode.

President Trump in 2020, if you champion AMERICAN FREEDOMS !!

She certainly exposed her true colors in BIG BOLD STATEMENTS - this is the problem with Demonrats - Soros organizations and others back them to disrupt and disturb - and this is an excellent example!