Tony Robbins Advertisement claiming he is dead?

This morning I noticed that one of the many pop up ads on this site, which are annoying as hell by the way but I get it. Anyway one of the ads states that Tony Robbins is dead, killed by one of his followers.

I have google this several times this morning and nothing. Apparently Tony is alive and well. Is that an appropriate ad to be running? Maybe someone needs to look into this, as you know some liberals would just love to spin this into Sean, our host, is advertising for the death of Tony Robbins or something like that.

Just don’t think something like this is appropriate for any advertisement, but especially not here!

I have seen many ads of this nature over the last few months.

It’s not a liberal spin. They appear everywhere.

It’s called “clickbait.”

They choose a high profile person and a photo of someone in tears and say, "She will be missed’ or something of that nature. Then just turns out she/he is leaving a TV show, not dead. It is bad and misleading advertising, I agree.

Switch to Firefox and you can get rid of those ads. I had to switch from Chrome, but it was well worth it.

Shouldn’t Sean Hannity and his community page be able to have better advertising than this. It just seems wrong and sleazy. I understand that advertising is advertising…but this is kind of harsh. Just saying!

Also, those ads are usually personalized to you based on prior things you’ve searched. Not sure what that says though.

I definitely don’t get those kinds of ads here. I suspect Hannity staff don’t have a lot of say in what gets advertised here. I think a lot of it is generated by our own personal browsing habits.

My mistake. I have an adblocker for Chrome, and that stops the ads. I had to switch to firefox on my mobile device, because my chrome popup blocker didn’t support mobile. Firefox did though.