Tony Awards Show Best Moment

The Tony Awards paid tribute to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.
Melody Herzfeld who is a drama teacher hunkered down and protected her students during the shooting.
Last night she received the 2018 Excellence in Theater Education Award, presented by Carnegie Mellon.
And then a group of students took the stage for a performance. Absolutely the highlight of the night.
See it here:

I will agree it was a great moment. But what about the students and staff from the school in Texas? Why have they been almost entirely ignored?

Speaking of the Tony awards, Robert de Niro didn’t do himself any favors except for the far left. Does he think he changed a single mind last night with his profanity? He could have gone after Trump over a million things, instead it’s simply **** Trump.

I looked to see if there was any information regarding Santa Fe High and the awards show. Nada.
I suppose that the Tony people might say there was not enough time to integrate them into the performance.
But I do think that they should have been mentioned.

I agree about de Niro. For the most part the Tony awards show has been pretty non-political and up to that point there had just been some very subtle words spoken. If he wanted headlines, he got them.

It’s such a contrast with Parkland and Santa Fe. I heard Jimmy Kimmel went to the grad ceremony for the Parkland students. Good for him. But why not the same for the kids in Texas?

Only difference I can see is one group has been loudly denouncing the NRA and calling for gun control, and one group has not.

And I agree about de Niro. I guess he felt better getting his rant out of his system, and the audience loved it. This comes after Sam Bee used vulgarity against Ivanka, and also while complaining about how Trump has degraded the national discourse.

Sure Trump has, but I fail to see how they are going to change any minds either.

Personally I loved de Niro at the awards show. To each their own I guess.

So a Tony presenter says ■■■■ the president, and gets a standing ovation for it.

And right nuts write it off like this happens on Hollyweird awards show in every republican administration. These aren’t “real” Muricans. Guess what, they are, it has never happened in any other administration, this president is an abomination. I wish I was there to join the standing O. ■■■■ Trump.

“George Bush hates black people”


“George Bush doesn’t care about black people”

i agree with deniro

number one, no standing O. No such support at all actually.

B, Kanye was pressured to apologize, and did. No one is pressuring DeNiro to apologize, he deserves a medal.

Fourth, I didn’t say Trumpers never said stupid ■■■■. Try again.

It just perpetuates the balanity and crudity Donald exploited to gain power. Would be good to seeit cease.

It would be nice but I don’t think we’re putting the toothpaste back in the tube anytime soon.

I agree - things will likely get worse before theu get better.