Tone done the censor feature?

Is there a way to set the autocensor to not censor words that are unoffensive but contain offensive words in them? Seems silly I can’t use the english version of la cucaracha.

That particular one no there is not.

There is, but no one here knows how to change the variable from “censored word” to ‘censored word’.

The type of quotation is very important for parsing small words out of bigger words.

No, it’s actually because there are several bad words that have that word at its core. Best to just eliminate it altogether, and let posters just use roach, or locked and loaded, or spaniel, or arrogant, or …

I’m just saying, there’s a way to filter out only the bad word part while allowing every other letter to get parsed normally. I fixed it for the old forum, no one here has access to fix it.

Incorrect. I put most of the filtered words in there myself. Like I said, that word is better left the way it is.