Tommy Tuberville defeats Jeff Sessions

Tommy Tuberville 279,946 61.69%
Jeff Sessions 173,820 38.31%

453,766 total votes

Several counties remain to be counted, but it is a landslide. To this point, Sessions has only carried two counties, Madison (Huntsville) and Mobile.

Good…Session was a nice guy that was way over his head.

Deer in headlights come to mind.


Wait, I thought America was against Trump? You’re telling me they sided with the Trump pick over a guy that he threw out of his administration?

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It was a state primary, not a national election

And it is very red, Alabama.

It was a big shock to me. No one saw this coming.
Alabama let us down.

He held that seat for 20 years. Why do you say over his head?

Tonight on MSNBC they were playing a radio talk show that he was doing in Alabama. He said that when he left the AG job he didn’t write a book. And that he hasn’t said a bad thing about Trump. And that he still agreed with Trump’s agenda.
I really thought that he had a shot. I thought that even though Trump has bad mouthed him the good folks in Alabama trusted him when he was the Senator. And I also thought that there might be enough Univ. of Alabama fans who hate Tuberville for all those years he beat the Tide in a row.
Doug Jones will be toast in the next election. Too bad. I liked the guy. But it is a very red state.

:rofl: Do you guys know who Tuberville is? Nick Saban is the only one living who could beat him.

Results are final, with the exception of Jefferson County (Birmingham).

Tuberville has carried every county in the State, with the exception of Mobile, Madison (Huntsville) and Wilcox (an extremely low population county).

Tommy Tuberville 333,921 60.74%
Jeff Sessions 215,866 39.26%

549,787 total votes

Just waiting on final results in Jefferson County.

Yeah. That is why Trump called him Lou Saban five times. Ha.

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One factor that indicates Trump was not the deciding factor in this race.

The closer the county is to Auburn, the higher Tuberville’s vote percentage is.



They’re mad at him, but he’s theirs. :rofl:


The voters in Alabama kept him in office for multiple terms.

And they watched him completely fall apart under pressure.

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So the Republican endorsed by Trump won.

Cool. :man_shrugging:

Lou Saban


Oof. That was a beat down. Sessions made his bed and now he gets to lie in it. Good riddance. He sold his soul by declaring loyalty to a Master that will never return any.

A lot of people saw it coming.