Tomi Lahren exposes Trump for the child he is

Leave Trump alone!

Policy? There are plenty of threads about policy, but there are only so many different policies to discuss. How many times have we discussed healthcare, taxes, and the environment? Quite a bit.

There are so many petty outrage threads because our president is so petty and outrageous. His behavior is impossible to ignore and his supporters should have to defend it as much as possible.


Yes yes I get all that. Its not rocket science.

I maintain that the vast majority of undecided voters, floating voters, independents got into the booth had huge reservations about Clinton and thought lets give Trump a chance.

Trumps biggest advantage in the last election was his lack of political record. This time he has made some questionable decisions and those undecided voters might not be as kind.

However I think Trump will squeak home a win next year.

well who knows. elections have a way of surprising people

regardless, trump shined a big harsh light on things that needed to be seen, like how idiotic the press is. he’s also caused democrats to show themselves as the self serving corrupt do-nothings that they all are.

Is that why if we don’t agree to some policy that libs advocate we are racist? Is that not demeaning? Or if we believe marriage is between a man and a woman we’re bigots? Is that not demeaning.

So don’t lecture us about processing criticism.

Gay threads still trigger 1,000+ angry replies within the first day. :rofl:

Straw man in the house.

Ha we can agree on that, who knows how the next election will go.

This is really funny from some of the party that counted how many times Obama said I.

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This is your sole reason for supporting Trump?

All “gay” threads, or just certain “gay” threads?

For some, that is how they discuss policy.

Curious why this got ignored.

Well, not really, I fully know why.

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