Tomi Lahren exposes Trump for the child he is

Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren on Wednesday shared a printout of positive tweets about President Trump, including one of her own praising his recent rally in Dallas, that Trump himself signed with a personal note.

“Tomi, thank you for everything, best wishes,” Trump’s note to the conservative commentator reads, along with his signature.

What kind of president has to have his staff print out a list of positive tweets in order to stroke his ego? Absolutely pathetic. We need an adult in the White House.


And Trump expose libs for the children they are.

Good morning libs. What are we outraged about this morning? lol


Yeah, I heard AOC won’t leave her bedroom until someone slips a list of favorable quotes about her under her door.

Not outrage, it’s not illegal or immoral in any conceivable way. It’s just hilarious and absolutely pathetic.

Oh, it’s hilarious and pathetic alright… :rofl:

Maybe one day one of your quotes about Trump will make it to his desk.

Meh. It’s only exciting the first time. I already have awards presented by Obama. :man_shrugging:

Source please.

Seems like you’re describing libs.

I was one that was against going into Iraq, for record I supported going after AQ.

And I have a record here on this forum being dead set against the Patriot act.

I supported Trump, and still do because he expose libs as whiny little children that they are.

And when 2024 comes around…American people will know who and what libs are.

Was I talking about you? Please point out where I referenced you specifically.

I do smile when Trump supporters call others whiny little children because of the irony. Hint - take a look at Trumps own behavior,

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There are thousand of threads here that was started by whiny little libs…and why is that?

I’ll tell you why. They can’t discuss policy. They can’t talk about their true agenda because it expose em for who and what they do. So all they can do is bitch and whine.

Need example? What has democrat congress done since January? That’s right…whiny little children throwing their temper tantrum.

7,000 Orange Man Bad posts per day on average. :rofl:


some people just still dont get why he was elected

the patriot act btw had strong bipartisan support.

I dont care it had strong bipartisan support it was bad legislation. The difference between me and many others on this forum is that I swear no allegiance to any politician and am critical of all of them when its necessary.

I completely understand how Trump was elected.

not “how.”.


Horrendous- This makes Stalin and Hitler look like altar boys.
Forget the Ukraine - this is enough to impeach him over.

Do Trump supporters really believe everything negative or critical about their idol is done in outrage? In life it’s possible to be critical of a person or act without being “outraged.” I don’t understand why people think those are mutually exclusive. Just a way to demean opposing viewpoints I suppose. Or the inability to process criticism.

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You’re right, they’re all just duly concerned citizens, regurgitating their own opinions, minding their own business.

It’s all Trump’s fault. All of it. :rofl:

Not true. Let’s take Trump’s tax cut for example. Liberals on this board have discussed the effect of this policy quite a bit and how it has contributed to the ballooning deficit/debt. Conservatives, who used to be focused like a laser on the deficit no longer want to talk about it.