Tom Wolfe & Bonfire of the Vanities

Whatever happened to “Outside the Beltway”? That’s where this ordinarily would go.
Anyway, RIP Tom Wolfe, one of the great writers of our age.
And, I’ll append this by recommending the book (if you can find it) called “The Devil’s Candy” by a writer named Julie Salamon. When the film rights to Wolfe’s mega-bestseller “Bonfire of the Vanities” were sold, Salamon went after, and got, unprecedented access to the making of the film, from the earliest stages until the opening. It’s basically how one of the best novels of the 80s became one of the worst films ever - absolutely hilarious. I wonder if they’d ever have allowed Salamon such access if they had any idea what was to come.

RIP. I wasn’t a fan but knew a lot of people who were.