Tom Brokaw Sexual Misconduct

Vester says that in August 1993, she was in Denver to cover the visit of Pope John Paul II. “While I was standing there in the Denver bureau with my back to the door, from behind me, out of nowhere, Tom Brokaw walked up, put his hands on my waist and tickled me all up and down my waist,” she said.“It was physically unpleasant and humiliating,” Vester told Variety. “I jumped a foot [and] looked the editor of Nightly News in the eye. He looked back at me and his jaw dropped.”

“No one did a thing,” she said. “And, there was nothing I could really do or say because I was so low on the totem pole.”

According to Variety: "She’s speaking out now, because she believes her story sheds light on the culture at NBC News, where she believes male bosses treated their female colleagues as objects

On the way in from work heard this and the radio person Len Berman said well it was the day and age at the time in these Media organizations. Of course I believe Len is friends with Tom so there is that.

I wonder if the all those Honorary degrees will be taken back from him as well?

The culture in the Media and Movies has been so messed up for so many years it does need to be cleaned up and exposed.
It is interesting that Tom and Trump O’reily, Cosby, Bill Clinton, etc all seem to have the same view of women.

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No way! ■■■■■■■ Russians.

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I wouldn’t lump the others in with Cosby, but their view on how you can treat women in the workplace is, I suspect, far from rare, especially among certain age demographics.

Do we really think it’s just the media and movie industries that are like this?

It’d surprise me if it wasn’t the norm across most corporate cultures. That might have been changing in some of them since the 80’s/90’s, but change can be slow.

Yeah this isn’t a media and movies thing. It’s been endemic in pretty much all facets of our society. Government, business, military, entertainment, news, education…I’d say religion but that’s a central tenet.

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Not politics.

I was going to say: lots of women working in other organizations, industries, professions, etc. might beg to differ on that one. I’ve seen–and yeah, experienced–all kinds of crazy ■■■■ in lots of different workplace environments.

I’m surprised at how contained the fallout has been so far. Hasn’t even really blown up the music industry yet, and some women there (girl groups for one) are literally being pimped out and passed around.

Yes I apologize that it has been prevalent all over the place.
I just don’t see it directly at my place of work because Men are in the Minority where i work.

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Did his view of women mature at all since HS?

That’s a truly forward, rude and boorish way to treat a grown woman.

Tom shoulda got his face slapped or his groin kneed.

Not criminal whatsoever unless her job etc. was threatened.

I am not ready to abandon tom Brokaw. He has a good voice so i will still support him…

This NeverBrokawer is obviously just looking for a payoff and to get her name in a paper…

Besides, Tom did nothing illegal so it is perfectly acceptable behavior…

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Before the 80s and 90s there just weren’t many women in those cultures, at least in professional or white collar positions. Secretaries were about it. I can remember when my old agency started hiring female auditors in large numbers my then boss thought it was a bad idea because he was afraid it would drive the male auditors into some sort of sexual obsessing with their being there. It didn’t.
At least not most.

“Besides, Tom did nothing illegal so it is perfectly acceptable behavior…”

Sarcasm of some form, right?

This happened long before Trump was President, so I see no reason to hold Tom accountable for this behavior

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When I was at a sixth grade dance, I mustered up all my courage, hugged a girl and tried to kiss her. (Didn’t work out.)

In those days I probably flirted with more than one girl by by tickling each other. Surprising one another with a punch in the shoulder was pretty cool too, but only if she was the tomboy tyoe, which I happened to like.

(Yeah, I prefer Maryann over those delicate Gingers.)

I’m pretty sure that’s not how grown ups do it. Don’t we usually strike up a conversation and then make a light invitation to lunch or coffee?

Five bucks says that Brokaw will be held more accountable for his actions than our President is for his.

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You can’t hold Brokaw accountable for this. A masher had just been elected POTUS.