Tom Brokaw blasted for comments on Hispanics

Poor Tom. He thinks Hispanics need to work harder at assimilation, learning English, and being Americans. He also thinks they will all be faithful Democrats.

When called out on his own thoughts, he immediately apologized that some people were offended over him knowing what’ best.

I can hear the pitchforks being raised in the distance and the outrage culture preparing to erupt.

Outrage is all the rage these days. lol

brokaw needs to retire,

Has lost a little off the fastball.


He wants to keep working. That’s his right.

It’s the year of the apology

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Maybe RBG will give Tom a wave and a shoutout at the SOTU. She’s a big fan.


Like she can even lift her arms anymore. lol

I think that English should be the official language of the US. We need some things in common with each other.

Every kid of immigrants I have met speaks English anyways though. I have not met one that doesn’t.

I agree. I also think French and Spanish should be a curricular option starting in elementary school, considering Canada and Mexico as our hat and pants.


The gloves have super powers

First generation “assimilation” varies greatly depending on age and other factors, but second generation is almost never an issue…

I have never seen “assimilation” as a problem, it takes care of itself…

All people have to do is grow up around or with each other and most of them will end up as friends and patrons.

The only thing I would add is that he didn’t really seem to understand that assimulation is a three generation process…no matter what nation/language/culture you come from.

Exactly…and that’s what people are upset about…Brokaw’s explicit assumtpion that Hispanics aren’t trying to “assimilate”.

He didn’t say some of this stuff—only about Hispanics needing to integrate a society they settled.

The comments about Latinos becoming Democrats & individuals “not wanting brown babies” came from various individuals he interviewed. The part about “when I pushed” should have been a hint.

Hat and pants…Touche!! :clap:t3:

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What is this integration nonsense he was talking about? What’s up with that?

Many of the 19 Century immigrants from Italy came with no intent of staying, so at least some didn’t learn English.

Of those who stayed, many retained ties to the old country, sending money home to family members there.

Some really do need a refresher course in American history before they start talking nonsense like integration. And no, I don’t want resources like voting ballots in other languages.

As others have pointed out, integration, which includes fluency in the local language, often doesn’t take place with the first generation of immigrants. Kids, however, rapidly become knowledgeable in the ways of the society their parents have settled.


Need to integrate

Vote democrat

Don’t need to make brown babies with white people.

He said all three. Apologized for all three. Two of the three were innocuous. Now they’re the same.

The people saying he’s lost his edge aren’t paying attention.