Tom Brady and Biden poked fun at trumpers

Brady joked that 40% of people still think bucs didn’t win. Biden said he knows how it feels.


Eh, this is only amusing because Trump is obsessed with Brady and may have a stroke when he sees Brady clowning him to the world with Biden.

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Such a happy couple.

I would also say that 40% or more don’t have any clue who won.


It’s a solid joke. These days, it’s just not smart business to associate yourselves with Donald Trump if you’re a celebrity, regardless of your political beliefs.

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Never visited the White House when trump was president.

Have to wonder why?

And now gets two shots in on the former president.

Bad day for trump.

Good day for biden.


Not really any mystery why the NFL ratings continue to plunge as they insert themselves into politics more and more.

I saw this article back from 2016. They were already declining back then. They thought that was pretty bad. Wow now look at the state of affairs these days.

NFL's ratings decline, as explained by football fans - Sports Illustrated.

Meh, these are the narratives the WashPo and the other anti-Trump media continued to propagandize during their four year campaign.

They don’t want to be serve big mac and chicken nuggets at the white house.

No problem with me. There are many other sports for them to enjoy. May I suggest soccer or rugby. Personally they are more exciting to watch than NFL.


The global situation disrupted every single sporting event in the US, not just the NFL’s precious TV ratings

  1. NHL’s 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs averaged 953,000 viewers, a 38% drop from 2019. The lowest since 2007.
  2. The clinching game for the NBA Finals brought in 5.6 million viewers. That is almost 13 million lower than 2019.
  3. Rob Manfred and the MLB saw a record-setting low of 9.78 million viewers per contest during the six games of the World Series — a 32% drop from the previous season.
  4. The final round of the Masters averaged a 3.4 rating and 5.59 million viewers on CBS, making it the lowest-rated Sunday round since 1957.
  5. Heck, even the Kentucky Derby was down 49%.

Of the top 100 most-watched shows of 2020, 69 of those were NFL broadcasts. That includes every awards show, every sporting event, and even every debate from the last presidential election.

No other professional sport made it into the top 100, let alone have a 69% majority. The only spot to hit the list is the NFL’s minor league, the NCAA.

When compared to their competition, the 7% drop shows there is no competition for the NFL in views and ratings. They are the king of content in the US.

Nah trump went high end for most events. Pizza Hut.


You might be in a little denial on exactly how alarming it probably is for especially the major sports owners.

To reasonably expect a return to anything close to what they once each had before this pandemic seems likely gone for good now.

Many people in general are fed up in continuing to hear from our favorite players, teams and league spokesperson’s of what political viewpoints they believe in.

Being persistent on that front going forward will likely only make matters worse in the grande scheme of things for them too.

Soccer more exciting than football?! In what world?:wink:

The lesson is to be a chameleon.

Brady nailed it.

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Or may be politics is not brady thing. He doesn’t care about it as much. He already is wealthy. Whoever is in the white house doesn’t impact him. He can get along with both sides.

Despite your hopes and wishes, there is no evidence that the political viewpoints of athletes have negatively affected viewership.

The rating’s drop does not disprove them expressing themselves as often as they do could still be a contributing factor of the root cause either.

Yes, it does. According to the article I posted, the league with the most active and visible player protests, the NFL, dropped 7%. Meanwhile, the NHL dropped 38%, MLB lost 32% of its viewership, and the Masters had its lowest ratings since 1957. The Kentucky Derby was down 49%. Maybe it was all those horses kneeling during the national anthem?

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how dare they interrupt the propaganda military recruitment ad the the pentagon pays hundreds of millions for.