Today's caravan update

800 troops are on their way to the border to help Homeland Security and 2,100 National Guard troops with logistical support (including tents and vehicles) to deal with the 5,000 (down from 7,000) people headed toward Honduras still in southern Mexico a thousand miles away but headed toward the United States southwestern border. President Trump assures, “They will be stopped!” Numerous people in the caravan say they saw advertising for it on social media or heard about it on the news. The group was organized by leftists, Marxists in Honduras and supported by Venezuela and left-wing non-governmental organizations. The United Nations and some sympathetic church groups are also feeding them and providing support. Included in the group are some felons and some who have been previously deported. People from Somalia, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Eritrea, and Pakistan are also among the thousands headed this way. Meanwhile, some have headed back to Guatemala, citing the difficulties of the trip as the reason. Many have continued on the journey because of the help they are receiving. More caravans like this are expected in the future because of the infrastructure being created by this one.

What I am about to say may sound like a contradiction from everything I said in 2016 about Donald Trump, but I am really glad Hillary Clinton is not President right now. I hope the Trump Administration, the National Guard, and Homeland Security does whatever is necessary to stop however many people there are from getting here.


It’s an invasion!!

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Have we decided that it is the Cimbri and we have to send Marius out to take care of them?

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Kamala Harris to caravan: We are a welcoming country.

I hope you all have put the finishing touches on your bunkers.

Is there an over/under on how many really reach the border?

Remember when the last Caravan had Conservatives in an utter panic and then when they got to the border they asked for asylum and many were turned away and then the story just ended?

The funny part is how stupid Trump thinks his followers are to buy the exact same bull crap over again.


I’m waiting for every democrat to open their homes as refugee centers


Oh, they’re really stupid and they will buy it again.


I was curious so I looked up again:

A grand total of 3 were granted asylum. Holy cow look at all those Democrat votes. :roll_eyes:

They are buying it agIn as this op shows. These caravans have been going on for years and years.

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Trump will never loose votes by underestimating the intelligence of his base.

It’s like Ebola. That terror died the day after an election. The fear and scare tactics just get repeated over and over. Pathetic!!

Could I get you a fire extinguisher for you hair.

Why? They don’t need help finding work or a place to live.

Yes, he handled it well. Thank God he, and not Hillary, is President. Or Kamala.

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True. Just work in construction for less than American citizens, and there will be lots of people willing to hire them.

Don’t forget farms as well.

The story alleges the Nunes’ family farm uses undocumented labor, citing multiple unnamed sources who live in Sibley, including one who claimed to be undocumented and to have worked for the Nunes’ operation, NuStar Farms.

Then he, or at least his family members, are part of the problem. And maybe that would explain this, from the article you cited:

"Nunes, a stalwart supporter of President Donald Trump, has supported moderate immigration reform policies such as giving amnesty to many undocumented people living and working in the country,… "

And 7-Elevens, meat packing plants etc. You get get picture.