Today we learn if the NDP (third largest party in Canada) is dies or not

The NDP have gone from being on the brink of control in the house to living on life support. currently their party leader doesn’t have a seat in the house which is a major setback for them since he can’t debate Trudeau (Liberal leader, and PM) and Andrew Scheer (Conservative leader) during session. This by-election will decide their faith in the up coming Federal election.

Today the NDP will learn if their federal leader will get a seat in the House of Commons after months of delay — while the other parties are looking for results that will be clues to potential successes in October’s general election.

Besides that critical race in B.C.'s Burnaby South for Jagmeet Singh, there are two other byelections being held in the Ontario riding of York-Simcoe and Outremont in Quebec.

Burnaby South is one place where all three major parties have been competitive in past elections. The NDP held onto the seat by a hair more than one per cent of the votes in 2015.

for those wondering why holding a seat is so important the Prime Minster and all Cabinet members have to attend House session to openly debate policy daily. Picture Trump or Cabinet Sec. having to sit in the House of Representative and publicly debate their job performance.

for those wondering Trudeau get his butt handed to him in the House almost daily, the only reason why PC are not leading in poll is because their leader is very very boring.