Today In History: Environmental Predictions made for 1970 Earth Day

people can be dumb. its a fact of life.

my God… we have you to thank for saving life as we know it.

the conspiracy was actually by the people who covered up all the hellish disasters from people who in 1996 set their computer clocks to December 31, 1999 11:59 PM just to watch what happened. We now know that none survived… killed or maimed when their computers exploded. DAMN those who hide such facts.

That’s a really dumb reply. And you missed the point.


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Noting my earlier post in this thread.

Here’s the kind of thing I found EASY to do. Looks like it would still be easy.

Below are

  • A screen capture from the most recent IPCC report on sea level change predictions. (It’s titled “IPCC Fifth Assessment Report, WGI Chapter 13: Sea Level change (2014)” if you wanna google it.), and
  • a screen capture I get on my phone when I do a GoogleNews search for “sea level rise predictions.”

The ACTUAL IPCC report reads in part “For the period 2081–2100, compared to
1986–2005, global mean sea level rise is likely … range of projections from process-based models, which give 0.26 to 0.55 m”

IOW by the year 2100 global sea levels will likely rise “0.26 to 0.55 m” or 8 to 18 inches, and THAT is almost a hundred years from now.

But the media reportage, is mostly scary scenarios. Presumably the MSM is balanced so I guess the articles balance between people to the left of science and people far far far to the left of science.

Some things never change.

And 2.

It likely did not involve you. Apparently, others here were watching and protecting us.

Thank goodness congress took these predictions seriously and enacted the Clean Air Act of 1970 and established the EPA in the same year. Thanks for reminding us of the responsible policies and politicians.

What? No credit to President Nixon?

Gas masks would have been necessary? All the fish in surface water would have died? Overpopulation and mass starvation?

Thank God the fish are still alive in Pakistan. Way to go US Congress! Way to go President Nixon! Way to go God.

You saved us!

True. Al Gore and the 1970 forecasters come to mind.

at least you learned today that millions still die annually from pollution.

And that Congress, during whomever’s presidency, saved India from starvation and protected the fish everywhere in the world.

Yay President Whomever and his party!

When did that happen?

i linked above. heres another link if the FT link is not working for you.

This is a thread it seems that the oil industry pays its stooges to start in all new political sites. IMHO.

I always find it amusing how impressed humans are with themselves.

Especially secular puritans.

Yes, growing up in the 1970’s, everything in the the world was going suck, “By the year 2000…”, “brawk”…

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I thought it was commonly known, that back in 1985, Marty McFly changed the outcome of the future. Otherwise all of those predictions would have come to pass.

Hmmm, and they know this, how, exactly? Did they perform an autopsy, and these people had a toxicity level in their blood, that exceeded the upper limits for humans to survive?

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