Today I learned (TIL) something interesting about the 9/11 attackers and mastermind

I was reading that at least three of the highjackers as well as Khalid Sheikh Mohammed the mastermind of 9/11 and the no.2 of Al-Qaeda Al-Zawahiri were all trying to get into Chechnya to fight Jihad along side Khattab against the Russians between 1996-1999. Some were stopped at the border and not allowed in, and Al-Zawahari was actually put in a Dagestan prison for six months before being released, (Supposedly they didn’t know he was the no.2 of Al-Qaeda).

I know history doesn’t work this way but if those idiots would have gotten into Chechnya they probably would have all been liquidated by the Russians and we probably would not have had 9/11.

Interesting. I once stumbled upon a forum where some members from here had a what if in history section where they’d change small parts of history and speculate the several outcomes of that one small change. A hard fast rule was no going back in time and killing the fuhrer. That would be too impactful.

We may have still had an attack, but the delay caused by zawahiri and khalid not being involved may have given the Bush administration time to sniff them out and mitigate their impact.

We could also wonder if the Patriot act wasn’t implimented and the war on terror not prosecuted, would that have resulted in an even worse attack in the US.

If you go back and change anything, no matter how inconsequential than it will have a cataclysmic butterfly effect on the timeline and everyone born thereafter will cease to exist. We are all the product of one of millions of potential sperm inseminating one particular egg at an exact moment in time. Change anything in history and you will start to cause a ripple effect where even if a pregnancy is conceived it will a different sperm that wins the race to the egg.

Go back and do something extreme like kill Hitler and just dropped an atomic bomb on the timeline with all the people who died in WWII now alive. People who got married before and had kids now marry someone else etc, etc, etc. Anyone born after Hitler’s death ceases to exist and a whole new world of people is created.

What if the 9/11 hijackers had decided to break halal, ate Chipotle burritos with rotten pork, and died before they boarded the planes?

We can speculate endlessly about multiple variables.

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It does make you wander, it makes you wonder if the outcome would have been a whole lot different. Bin Laden himself wasn’t trying to go.

I seriously doubt that everyone after that inconsequential incident would cease to exist. It could have profound changes on future events, or it could have extremely subtle changes.

And you just prove it here. A whole new world could be created by something extreme, but that doesn’t mean everyone who was born after in an alternate timeline doesn’t exist.

Someone’s watched the butterfly effect.

My post further explaining my thoughts got tripped up by the filter and is hiding. Not sure what word did it as I filtered the word I figured did it when my initial post also got flagged.

In summary it took everything in history happening exactly like it did for each person to be created. Change anything and your parents might still create a baby but it will be a completely different baby.

Okay not everyone born soon after the change. If you change something in Utah the people born the next day across the world are the same. But within a decade or two you have absolutely caused every birth to be different.

Let say you go back in time and all you do is walk down a street. You never talk to anyone but numerous people see you. Every person who saw you has now had their timeline shifted ever so subtly even if all they did is notice you and nothing else. Then everyone who interacts with them is changed ever so slightly. Yes it seems trivial but all it takes if for on person who had their timeline shifted to conceive a baby. As I said every conception is the product of one out of a million ***** (I’m trying to keep my post from being flagged like last time and I figure the s word is what did it) meeting one specific egg and which ****** it is depends on everything in both the dad and mom’s life happening exactly as it did.

Change one variable, no matter how slight, and a different ****** wins the race to the egg and a wholly different person is born. And that is the end of current timeline as that person then throughout their whole life will do wholly different things which will disrupt the timeline of everyone who ever interacts with them and cause an exponential number of similar different births.

Your mom and dad, if they were born before the event, might still meet and still have kids. But it won’t be you or any of your sibling.