To the Victor Belongs the Spoils

The term was derived from the phrase by New York Senator William L. Marcy, referring to the victory of Andrew Jackson in the election of 1828, with the term spoils meaning goods or benefits taken from the loser in the competition. election or military victory.

The Spoils System was based on the policy of removing political opponents from federal offices and replacing them with party loyalists.

Jackson had good cause in placing so much importance on loyalty. He had experienced extensive personal and political disloyalty during his early presidency through the Peggy Eaton affair which had led him to request the resignation of his entire cabinet, including his vice president. After the purge he established he established a new official office cabinet, but only took advice from loyal friends and supporters who were referred to by his enemies as the Kitchen Cabinet.

Jackson was a ‘man of the people’ and firmly believed that there were too many aristocratic, career politicians in the upper-class Congress that were out of touch with the American public. He adopted the policy of removing the old officeholders and replacing them with those recommended by the winning candidates in his party. The implementation of the system of rotation in office, and Jackson’s belief in loyalty, evolved into the spoils system.

The significance of the Spoils System was it became a 'custom and practice of future presidential administrations. Reached astonishing proportions in the administration in the administration of President Grant with the Civil Service Commission being established in 1871 leading the merit based system of Federal government that much of remains intact today. As it is the case within any system it had it flaws including inefficiencies and corruption were bred.

The Jacksonian Era lasted for 12 years from 1829 to 1841. I mention it here to make us all aware of the parallels to the how President’s Trump and Jackson both had to deal with fierce attacks of the opposing political party in their 1st term of office.

Andrew Jackson was re-elected. We will find out about Donald Trump in November.

And what will be the spoils of the victor starting in January 2021?

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Of course Jacksonian policies contributed to the absolute worst depression this country ever faced (yes in many ways the Depression of 1837-1843 was worse than the Great Depression).

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LOL kills thread. Funny thing is both sides called him out for it,


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Did not know about the depression. He left office in March 1837.

Interesting enough, the Whig opposition controlling the Senate censured Jackson. The when Democratic regained it, they expunged it in January 1837 right before he was to leave office after 8 years.

FYI,. Andrew Jackson was the 1st ever President to be elected from the Democratic Party.