To complete Biden's humiliation

trump wrong never biden. despite the words in english he used

Again, what are you getting at with this? Do you think we should have stayed?

… you can read my post, right?

I ask, because you are quoting a post where I clearly say Biden is wrong🤔

oh that’s way past the point now

the question is, do you think Biden handled how things went there recently? cause newsflash he’s president now ‘member?

this is what a real journalistic press would ask

oh well. that’s what the imagination’s for.

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ah ok i’ll give you credit for that

there’s hope for us yet

If you think the press is giving Biden a pass, you aren’t paying attention.

yeah i know they let steve doocy ask something now and then and instantly get indignant when he asks them something besides his favorite ice cream.

hard hitting journalism all the time in there


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but go ahead and blame the guy whos been in office for 6 months instead of those who were in office the last 20 years…

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when do Biden’s decisions start to matter?

please let us know

answer in serial meme postings if you have to


I don’t think those deflections are going to work outside the base, even left leaning papers are blasting Biden.

This is just an embarrassment regardless of who was in office when it happened it just looks horrible seeing this go down in full chaos as an American. I can’t imagine what it looks like to the people who served there.

Steve Doocy is asking questions at WH press conferences? I thought he was one of the hosts of Fox & Friends?

Peter Doocy, Steve’s son, is a Whitehouse Correspondent.

You are such a caricature.


It’s not about him.

Joe possibly thinks John McCain is still embedded in the islamist cells and still has some pull with them.

his son. whatever

and you just resort to attacking posters

one for Joe’s diary:

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