Tired Of Lies Yet?

Is anyone else tired of the Democrat Fake News Media(ABC,CBS,NBC), and their Democrat Politician bosses, spreading false rumors about President Trump?


Orange man good?


Honestly, I can’t get enough of it.


Trump tells the best truth.


A free news summary podcast updated every hour. So you won’t be lied to: NPR News Now.


It’s actually perfect. Best just implies it’s better than everyone else. In reality, it’s perfect.

They should be sued!!!

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Arrest for treason?


Trump. Promises made, Promises Kept!

Just like most Politicians in general before him.
Oh wait, no… that’s just Trump.

He tells it like it is, and the Democrat Politicians can’t do that, because
if they would, they would expose themselves, because they’re so caught up in their lies.

He knows this, and has used it against them, and the Conservative Media should do this more often. They have been, as of late, but I guess it’s better late then never. Offering for Democrat Politicians to come on their shows, and give them the whole hour, or whole several hours on radio, and yet they don’t go on, because they know if they did, that these Intellectual titans of Conservatism in the Media would not only crush them intellectually, but tear them apart piece by piece, and expose them for what they really are. Liars! and several of them break the law, and are bending the Constitution or completely ignoring it!

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Like Mexico paying for the wall?

Jailing Hilary?

Reducing the deficit?

Better healthcare plan on day one?

Which one was kept?

Oh I am very tired of lies.

You can start with all the ones told by the so-called “President.”

Well start with day one of his Presidency when he said that it didn’t rain on his inauguration, and then work our way up through the next thousand days and 5000 lies.

No link to any alleged fake news. Why is there never any evidence posted with these accusations?


I forgot, Obama did so many failure in just one day.
Nope, it took him time to screw America over.

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I honestly would not be surprised if Democrat Politicians paid one of their Liberal Media Lackies to keep track of how many so called lies Trump says.

I wonder if it’s tens of thousands of dollars, or hundreds of thousands of dollars?
I’m sure it would be enough to feed several homeless family, and homeless children throughout the whole year. :frowning_face:

I suppose it never occurred to you that you can change the channel. Or are you saying a liberal.stole your remote?


People shouldn’t need evidence, for something which requires very little common sense, but some people obviously lack.

I lack common sense. Can you show me the evidence?

If my remote was stolen, statistically and mathematically a liberal would steal it over a Republican or a Conservative.

Don’t believe me? I know! Let’s ask Socialist Bernie Sanders, and see if he lets felons in prison to vote without any restrictions!???


Wow! There’s like no common sense, and there are people way below that.

How does no evidence+ very little common sense to none= very little common sense+ evidence? hahaha

He’s asking very nicely for your help. Won’t you accommodate him?