‘TIP YOUR BUDTENDER’: Marijuana Restaurants Opening Soon in Southern California

Originally published at: ‘TIP YOUR BUDTENDER’: Marijuana Restaurants Opening Soon in Southern California | Sean Hannity

As the region struggles to crackdown on rampant homelessness and drug abuse, Marijuana-specific restaurants are poised to open throughout southern California in the coming months.

“Like any good chef about to open a restaurant, Andrea Drummer wants to get her pairings just right. But her lamb chops with plantain-mango salsa won’t be matched with wine or beer,” reports the Anchorage Daily News. “Instead, a ‘budtender’ – some in the industry call them ganjiers, as in ganja sommeliers – will help guests at the soon-to-open Lowell Farms cannabis cafe pair their farm-to-table meal with the perfect strain of farm-to-table marijuana.”

“A kush is a little more pungent, so it pairs better with a stew, or something like a beef or a meat product. A lighter lemon profile goes nicely with a fish,” said Drummer, adding another strain “pairs well with both savory and sweet. I’ve done it with ice cream, and with bread puddings, but I’ve also done it with octopus.”

Drummer’s 220-seat establishment in West Hollywood will be the first in America to allow patrons to dine while smoking marijuana.

Original Story: July 18, 2019

Los Angeles issued the nation’s first license for an “open-air” Marijuana restaurant this week; allowing diners to smoke cannabis while eating outdoors.

“The nation’s first cannabis restaurant was approved by West Hollywood’s Business License Commission in a landmark decision. Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe will be an open-air restaurant at 1201 N. La Brea Avenue, and promises cannabis cuisine and a smoking area,” reports the Los Angeles Patch.

“However, the cannabis cafe will sit across the street from a synagogue, which has an outdoor area used by the congregation. A rabbi at Tuesday’s city meeting asked for the business license to be rejected, and left without a word when it was approved,” adds the report.

Marijuana shops opened in West Hollywood back in 2018, but the approval of the open-air restaurant is a first nationwide.

Los Angeles is currently facing a new public health risk from a massive rat infestation largely ignored by local officials; raising serious concerns over ‘medieval’ illnesses re-emerging across the country’s second largest city.

“An ever-growing number of rodents in California — particularly in Los Angeles — is being fueled by a spiking homeless population and restrictions on rodenticides that are risking a public health crisis, according to a study released Tuesday,” reports Fox News.