Tiny Dancer, a final farewell

Many of you have known her for over a decade. She always liked it here.


RIP Dana



I didn’t think she made the move, and I think she’d been absent from the board (old) for a few years. Sad she is gone. Thanks for letting us know.

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rest in God…
rest in peace…

Did she post as TinyDancer? Anyone remember her avatar?

She did post as TinyDancer.

I cannot remember her avatar at all.


She was one of my favorites back in the day on the old board.

Sorry to hear this! Thanks for posting this Traveller!

God bless her, and her loved ones for their loss!


Now I’m thinking her avatar was the spinning dancer that was posted in this thread.


That was her avi on USMB. I think it was the same one here.

I thought she used the spinning silhouette, but I may be mistaken. And come to think of it, that may have been just Dancer.

Never really interacted with her, but it’s always sad to hear when someone from our little community passes on. My thoughts are with those who knew and loved her.

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En Paz Descanse . I remember her well.

We argued a lot. We won’t argue any more, but if we meet up later we probably won’t argue any less. Until then.

She lived a full life given what she shared…
Bummer…least we know

I remember her.

Thank you so much for sharing this information. She was definitely engaged in this community years ago and such a blessing to the forum. Prayers being sent up for her family’s strength and comfort at this time.


Heya PMaT :hugs:

:hugs: :grinning:

Yeah me too. A staight shooter.

RIP tiny dancer
Isaiah 40:31