Tina Turner, Foo Fighters, and The Go Gos Inducted to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Tina Turner, the Foo Fighters, and The Go Gos are among the latest inductees to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame today.

It’s quite an impressive group. I’m happy that Kraftwrek were inducted in the “Early Influences” category as well as L.L. Cool J. in the “Excellence In Music” category.

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Foo Fighters but no Iron Maiden.


They need to change the name. JayZ and LL Cool J don’t really fit into the genre of Rock and Roll.


Todd Rudgren pick is kinda iffy…And I agree the other two, don’t really fit into the RRHOF.

Well, the precedent was set a while ago, re: rap in the RRHOF.

I agree about Todd Rundgren, wouldn’t have been my choice. No other problems, though - although I agree it’s ■■■■■■■ time for Maiden to be inducted.

The RRHOF is still really just Jann Werner’s Personal Taste, although they’ve made some progress.

Would’ve thought Tina Turner got in years ago.

Ike and Tina did, but not Tina on her own until now.

Still no Grand Funk though, smh.

Foo Fighters should have gotten in the day after they Rickrolled the Westboro Baptist Church.

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