Time to Tear Down Some Statues and Rename Some Roads, Holiday? New mlk Biography

What heritage? The heritage of fighting to own another person?

I was born and raised in the south. My dad used to have the traitor’s flag as a license plate.

To this day, I can’t get him to plainly explain what “heritage” I’m supposed to value.

For what reason?

So that’s what draws the line? A fake southern accent lol



We shouldn’t memorialize a man who was not only present at a rape, but laughed and actively encouraged it. People have been convicted for less.

If true.

Why is this so hard to understand??


I thought you weren’t tying the rape allegation in your OP body to your OP title of renaming roads and holidays (aka “memorializing a man)”?

If there is anyone that need to focus it is you.

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They’re pandering to the black vote as they have always done. I highly doubt many give a crap about statues that are not going to be coming to life anytime soon to restart the civil war.

Even if that were true… if the republic wanted to maintain power for a very long time, why wouldn’t they just pander to the black vote?

And before you state that republicans are above pandering… they aren’t. The evangelicals say :wave:t5:

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This is really a poor attempt to defend people who want to champion traitors.

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From the article

“an author has claimed”

Forgot to add

To sell books.

I claim to be god.

Hearsay evidence not admitted in this forum without getting called out.


Allegations against Republicans (Moore, Kavanaugh, Trump) are obviously heinous attacks by the libs and fake news. Allegations about dead black civil rights heroes need immediate action. It’s simple.

Fake news

As accurate a synopsis as could be made.

I had thought that those who practice Christianity were not all white and included other races?

Oh no. Not a suggestion at all. It’s a question!

(At least, that’s how it goes all over this board from leftists. Probably you’ve done it yourself. Just saying.)

For the love of god. I specifically said that his alleged presence and encouragement of the alleged rape is the reason. I even highlighted that part of the OP for you.

Are you purposely attempting to not understand the words in front of you?? This seems to be the only explanation for your “misunderstanding” what has been directly explained to you above.

This ^^

(Of course, this tactic is not unique to people trying to tear down an icon of the left.)

I’m not a fan – at all – of trashing someone for actions (or even accusations) in his/her background.

Christopher Columbus. Kate Smith. Thomas Jefferson. George Washington. John Wayne. Robert Plant. On and on.

It’s another dimension of the “politics of personal destruction.”

People achieve things. People have faults – some very profound faults. But faults don’t diminish the achievements.

Seems to me that’s where this is going.

And I don’t like it.


A very successful following.

And he’s not the only racist Dem to do that.

Dems didn’t suddenly flip with the passage of the CRA. And I know you’re just giving an example to demonstrate that. It should be clear to anyone.

Whataboutism! Whataboutism!

3rd post in. First after the OP.