Time to Tear Down Some Statues and Rename Some Roads, Holiday? New mlk Biography

I never suggested I did… where did this reply come from?

Do you know the threshold for the left to hide history?

no but it appears to be pretty low

in other words, any little thing and they want to erase them, hide their statues.

kate smith

Explain the southern strategy of the Republicans again?

I never said ANYTHING about what I think republicans are or are not, in that post.

I simply stated that for some reason their policies and/or rhetoric speak to a wing of the party that doesn’t like me because of my skin color. However, I also have my own opinion of the current Republican Party and they do not speak to me.

Like I said, FOR NOW, I am good with siding with Democrats on most issues (not all).

does it change anything i said?

Wow are there elevated levels of gaslighting in this thread.


Show me where I can’t answer a question you posed to someone else. Why complain about it all?

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It may have been the original democratic party that did support racism in the south but where the Democrats evolved the Republicans deliberately pushed to appeal to the racist elements later on and pretty much continue to this day no?

Yep… this is fun!

there’s nothing in the GOP platform at all that speaks to such crazed nazi endorsement. that they do is by their own twisted logic and says nothing about the GOP

hopefully you begin to see that democrat policies have only been destructive to the black community, they pander to them for political leverage (fake black slang like AOC recently?), and that GOP policies seek to improve everyone’s lives regardless of people’s race


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If that’s what you think, you might want to think again. Tell us about “Southern Heritage” as it applies specifically to the Civil War (you know, the event most closely related to the statues under discussion).

That is why I’m suggesting the possibility of removing mlk memorials.

You’re the one who keeps suggesting I’m only saying it because of his philandering.

No new thread, or thread title is necessary.

Just some reading comprehension from people who can’t stay focused.

show me a white GOP member speaking to a black congregation in a fake accent and then we’ll talk about GOP “appealing to racist elements”

how insulting that dems do that

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So now patronizing is the tactic du jour?

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i am not from the south. ask someone who is (who is not on the leaping left)

yes it is. but dems have been doing that for some time. al gore. hillary…

disgusting isnt it?

No, I’m asking you because you made the comment. Have the intellectual cojones to stand behind your statements.


i expressed a belief on what i thought the reason is. i didnt maintain it was certain because i dont know for sure, as i am not from the south

take it or leave it.

Almost forgot about whataboutism. Thanks for the reminder.

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