Time to shot off whatever feeder pumps Sean's headlines onto the page

The Cortez headline has been repeated dozens of times.

And a lot of the ones that clutter the feed are outdated.

Who runs that utility?

I rarely agree with you, but I agree. The Hannity bot is seriously clogging this forum.

It is either very poorly programmed or very poorly configured. Somebody needs to seriously adjust it.

A user who posted like that would be rightfully banned as a spambot.

CORTEZ COMPULSION: The bot is obsessed with Cortez, it is comedy. Only the right seems to even acknowledge her, and the bot is literally a daily feed on her…

I woke up in the middle in the night last night and the bot was spamming 4 threads a minute at one point, it was hilarious, dates going back years.

The site is probably just doing a test run of fake news for the final weeks before the midterms. I’m surprised a Seth Rich thread didn’t show up.