Time to move the US capital?

I mean if you want the teeth rattled out of your brain as you travel across I-70. Take your chance on getting murdered easily when you cross the missouri river, get offered meth in every hillbilly alcove on your way to St Louis, and then end up in the murder capital by capita when you get to St Louis, then Mizzou is the place for you.

God himself wouldnt visit Missouri.

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That’s where I did boot. The place is lost in the middle of the woods. As far as I’m aware, basically the only thing off post were motels and strip clubs.

Eww you went to a strip club in a Missouri? What is wrong with you?

That’s kind of every post, though. Motels, strip clubs, tattoo places, payday loans and used car dealers.

I was in boot, I didn’t actually get to go off post.

Not that strip clubs are my scene.

They might have had those other things too. I don’t know.

Good, you then saved yourself from a lifetime of incurable nastiness.

I have been there many times, will be there many more times. I have hit every restaurant in the District, Pentagon City, Crystal City, etc, etc. It takes a long time and several visits to really capture everything the area has to offer.

So long as there is a District of Columbia, it gets three electoral votes even if the only voters are a couple homeless guys sleeping on the steps of monuments.

It would be closer to the work. China, North Korea, Russia, all much closer.

What are you going to do with the Whitehouse, the giant capital building, The supreme court, The Pentagon, all of those monuments and museums? There is a zero percent chance that the capitol will be moved.

Low rent housing.