Time to end this charade

The senate needs to be adults here and end this charade. It’s time to move on and tackle real corruption and problems we face.

Time to end democrats silly little temper tantrum now.


I agree but…IMO…there needs to be a cleaning of the House. Come the 2020 election, incumbents that voted for this charade, need to be removed.

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Senate, if you’re listening, could you please call witnesses so we can get more information? And the media will thank you for it.


“Enough talk Bring it on”

“The panic, the fear, the desperation is setting in”


house didnt get enough?

hmmm. and yet they impeached

“lets get this over with and get back to business”

you think that’s desperation and panic?


It was enough, and yet there’s new evidence since the impeachment. You want the Senate to consider all evidence when making such a momentous decision, don’t you?

i want everyone to consider the evidence at hand

which there is none.

I’m pointing to the confident posts OP has previously created on the subject.

To any rational and objective observer, there’s a massive amount of evidence.

And all of it proved Trump did nothing wrong.

See this can be fun.

yeah “presumption”

Isnt that exactly what they’re doing? Tacking corruption.

for a brief period of time i forgot all about “presumed” memes.

Why don’t you want witness to testify?

If I were a TrumpCon, I’d want it over as soon as possible. The longer this goes the worse it gets for Trump.

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It’s great. Everyday that goes by trump gets closer to admitting everything.

Senate Republicans…remember that you are the Majority. No one will stop you from calling Hunter Biden as a witness.

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So, ignore any new evidence that appears? Interesting.

“Bring it on!”

When it’s brought…

“No, wait wait wait, Nevermind. End it now!”

Lol. So transparent.