Time to disband FBI and most of CoJ

Yes…and we can call it ALB…Anti Lib Bureau.

Since libs have one of their own called FBI.

And yes ALB should investigate FBI first…and CIA, NSA and other federal agencies.

Dictators/authoritians love to destroy the institutions that police them


And then focus on rounding up immigrants?

No…That’s what ICE is for. Rounding up illegal immigrants.

I know laws are hard for libs to understand.

No it isn’t

So libs knowing/willingly breaking laws…is that what you’re telling me?

See my other thread.

You think moving it is going to make it less political?

ICE was founded in 2003 specifically due to 9/11.

“Congress granted ICE a unique combination of civil and criminal authorities to better protect national security and public safety in answer to the tragic events on 9/11. Leveraging those authorities, ICE’s primary mission is to promote homeland security and public safety through the criminal and civil enforcement of federal laws governing border control, customs, trade and immigration.”

It’s purpose was not to simply “round up illegal immigrants”; that’s what YOU want it to be.

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Okay stalin

About the same time you did

Never underestimate the ego of white male Christian

So you don’t understand our laws?

We didn’t. But we don’t condone or spread conspiracy theories with no basis of fact.
The CEC is really doing you folks a disservice by continuing to spread this innuendo.
It does prove how weak they are on issues that they have to deflect attention to their shortcomings.
And I can just hear it now if Trump looses the election in 2020. All of you guys are going to say, well he didn’t have enough time to find all of the corruption. Do you guys know how silly all of what you are saying is. I will happily admit if I am wrong. But I really doubt that I will need to.


You have had three years of Republican control you let to find a single shred of proof to back up this claim

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No, you just want to twist agencies that were established in an government overreach to satisfy your political needs. Small government… yeah right.

ICE was formed because people were scared of WMDs and terrorists crossing the border.

You just thirst for it to be an authoritarian anti-immigrant agency.

I’ll keep the DOJ and FBI over Republican Media Nutcrackery, thanks.

Looks like I get my wish!




I think its time to move the seat of government from DC to somewhere else in the country like some rural area or smack dab in the middle of Kansas, anywhere but the politically toxic DC and surrounding area.

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Because moving it wouldnt make the new area toxic political zoo

What the Attorney General thinks matters a great deal, because we have a system of laws, not a system of opinions. We have a Constitutional guarantee of innocence which makes it clear that your opinion of who should be punished has no bearing on guilt or innocence.